View Full Version : Shoot the Narrator!

2nd Jul 2005, 10:04
I have read a number of posts where players ask for the proposed patch to include a silence mode for the irritating narrator. Its easy guys!. Just delete the folder called 'narrator' and the 'match commentator' will be silenced forever!!

Inferior Being
2nd Jul 2005, 15:27
...Irritating? Funny. The narrator never hit me as very irritating... I don't think I've ever thought much about him at all... I'm not saying he's good, only that I've never really thought of his existence... not much use in him, though. "Your forces are annihilating the enemy!". No, really?? I didn't notice!

BTW, The R:TW narrator made me want to kill something out of shear annoyance. Good thing you could turn that old bastard off!

2nd Jul 2005, 15:37
Great , thats another nice bit of info, thanks gunner54,was getting on me nerve's 'to'. :D

2nd Jul 2005, 17:23
I've found that the narrator is occassionally inacurate, often repeatedly states the obvious, but generally, no more than the average sports broadcaster. LOL

And occassionally, I find it especially humorous when I'm being told "your army is being annihilated!!!" knowing that I'm on the very verge of a especially brilliant turn around.

I rather like proving the AI odd's maker wrong.

And as far as the voice-acting, I actually find his work exemplary. Among the least annoying in recent games I've played.

Oh well, I suppose it's a matter of taste!


Lt. Kyuzo
2nd Jul 2005, 20:16
Yey no more Mr I think the player is blind!!! i really hated the way he said "your forces are being destroyed by the enemy" sounded so smug :D

13th Jul 2005, 12:15
I've noticed he sometimes mentions " Your army is losing the battle" before a shot is fired by either side.

13th Jul 2005, 13:05
Thats because its set to some kind of a counter maths thing, so you can do it without doing anything.

How about changing the sounds, UT ones sound interesting.

13th Jul 2005, 13:06
I've noticed he sometimes mentions " Your army is losing the battle" before a shot is fired by either side.
that is because your number of forces is smaller than the enemy, though i have to admit, the narrarator is freakin' annoying! :mad:

13th Jul 2005, 15:28
The person who thought of making the narrator was off their chair! What is his point really? It's not as though players sit back on a deck chair reading The Bears Tears while the battle is being fought and need someone to stroke their ego and warn them if it's all going to the longdrops. Mind you on 256MB of RAM I did have to read for something to do in the loading screens; sometimes it was fifteen minutes to load a battle map, defragging helped a lot.

Still back on track, why'd they bother? They had to write a script for him to read, then hire him, record the lines and then build a counter and code to make him talk every now and then and according to the way the battle is going numerically. And numerical values mean nothing: i'll take five battalions of Grenadiers at five experience over eighteen of Line Infantry at one experience anyday. The cost and time involved and the effect in combat makes no sense, why didn't they get a voice actor for the tutorials (as well as beefing the tutorials up a bit: they were a tad sketchy) and spend more time on the morale system, which they all but scrapped anyway.

13th Jul 2005, 15:31
It's funny how I am outnumbered by the foe, but sitting in a strong defensive position and have better troops, no battle has yet taken place and I am told "I am being ANNIHILATED by the enemy."