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1st Jul 2005, 20:41
The new Public Scripts package is available for testing.

I am also creating a program that should make installing scripts less error-prone.

These are the scripts included at this time. If something isn't listed here that should be, please tell me. (Especially if it's a script I had said I'd write. I've likely forgotten about it since.)
* (All): TrapMetaProp, ToolMP, TrapScrMsgRelay, TrapSMTrans, Forwarder, Validator, LinkTemplate, TrapTeleportDelta, RandomRelay, TrigSim, TrapStim, TimedStimulator, TrigOBBSpec, TrigBodyPickup, TrigDamageRTC, TrapHP, AIItemGiver, IntrinsicPlaque, IntrinsicCover, InvSchema, Sippable, Zapper, PhysModelCorrect, TrapPhantom, TrigAIAwareShift, TrapMotion, Spy, TrapTimer, TrapFlipFlop, TrapCinema, TrapQVarText, QVarPlaque, QVarScroll, TrapMissionQVar, TrapCampaignQVar, TrigQuestVar, PostReadPlaque, PostReadScroll, TrigWaypoint
* (T1): TrapOffFilter, TrapOnce, TrapRevert, TrapDirection, TrapPatroller, TrapNonFinalComplete, TrapTexture, TrigBrainDead, TrigOBBPlayer, TrigRoomPopChange, TrigRoomObject, TrigRoomDelivery, TrigRoomDeposit, TrapFindSecret, FrobFind, SlayFind, HiddenDoor, FrobSounds, NonAutoDoor, TransformLock, CleanUpAttack, NoPingBack, NoticesPlayerBumps, ShutUpYerDead, SlayHaltSpeech, TimedPotion, Invisible, InvisiPotion, LoGravPotion, LastMissionLoot, PhysARContact, ReGravitize, StopHere
* (T2): TrapCamShift, Burplauncher, CollapseFloor, Elemental, FireElement, FireElemSparx, HotPlate, HotPlateControl, ModelByCount, SecureDoor, StickyVines, JunkVines, TrapCreate, WatchMe, WindowShade, ControlWindowShade, HeStartedIt, Horn, MagicBones, MagicCoffin
* (SS2): TrapCamShift, NotifyRegion, StdParticleGroup, TrapCapacitor, TrapConverse, TrapPatrol, TrapRevert, TrapTexture, TrigAIAlert, TrigWorldFrob, TrigWorldFocus, TrigInvFrob, TrigFlicker, TrigUnlock, TrigPPlate, TrigPPlateImmed, TrapRequirement, TrapRequireAll, TrapRequireAny, TrigContained, TrigRoomPlayerTrans, TrigRoomCreature, TrigRoomPopChange, TrigRoomObject, TrigRoomDelivery, TrigRoomDeposit, AnimLight, TrapAddPsi, TrapCutscene, TrapKeypad, TrapNanites, ParalyzePlayers, TraitMachineReusable

Very few of the scripts have actually been tested, so it's likely that only some or none of them will actually work. Even if I describe a script as "Checked" you should still verify that it functions the way you expect it to. And a script working in Thief2 doesn't mean it'll work in the other games. (SShock2 is particularly heinous.)

I wasn't able to provide any documentation. Since most of the scripts have pre-existing counterparts, it should be enough to assume that they work the same. If they don't, it should be considered a bug. (Except where the old script was broken or stupid.) For the brand new scripts, you'll just have to guess or read the source. Here are a few summaries of new features:

* LinkTemplate - Use the flag parameter singleton to avoid making more than one link between the objects.
* RandomRelay - The RandomRelay1x2 script is provided, but it's the same as RandomRelay.
* TrapHP - Use the parameter target instead of object (which was too vague).
* AIItemGiver - Objects will stack now, which means you can transfer loot.
* TrapPhantom - The parameter curve changes the shape of the curve that determines the transparency. The default is linear, 1 is quadratic, 2 is square root, 3 is log10, 4 is exponential (base 10), 5 is log(e), and 6 is base e exponential.
* TrapMotion - Parameter mot. Must be the schema name, not tags.
* TrapTimer - Simple timer.
* TrigFlipFlop - Alternates between TurnOn/TurnOff with every TurnOn.
* TrapCinema - Parameter movie.
* TrapQVarText, QVarPlaque, QVarScroll - Displays a message on-screen with quest variable substitutions. Book\Text in Thief, Script\Use Message in SShock2. The substitutions are made by putting "%{qv}" in the text. The name inside the brackets is the quest variable that will be printed at that location. You can use a qvar as a conditional with "%?{qv}[a][b]". The text in the 'a' bracket will be printed if the qvar is non-zero, or 'b' if it's zero. The bracket text can have further substitutions in it. More specific conditions are "%>{}[][]", "%<{}[][]", "%={}[][]".
* TrapMissionQVar, TrapQuestVar, TrigQuestVar - These are provided to make qvar handling consistent. All the operations of Thief2 are supported plus the trap operation '#' which is like '"' but keeps the number at four digits (for use with odometers).
* PostReadPlaque, PostReadScroll - Displays the book text then, if there is a SoundDescription link, plays a voice-over. Specify the length of the schema in Script\Timing (or Script\Delay Time) because the game doesn't tell the script when a voice-over has finished playing. (Default time is 1.5 seconds). After the schema plays (or right away, if there's no schema) then the qvar trap operation specified in Trap\Quest Var is performed.
* (T2) Elemental - Parameter health_curve. (See TrapPhantom.)
* (T2) SecureDoor, WatchMe - Parameter watcher is the archetype that will get the AIWatchObj link. Default is "Human".
* (T2) StickyVines - Use in place of "StickyWebs" and it will create a "JunkEarthWebs" object.
* (T2) JunkVines - Use with "JunkWebs" to get the crushing vine stim.
* (SS2) TrapTexture - Parameters terrreplaceon, terrreplaceoff.
* (SS2) TrigRoomPlayerTrans, TrigRoomObject, TrigRoomDelivery, TrigRoomDeposit - Use a ScriptParams link with data "Route".
* (SS2) TrapAddPsi - Parameter psi.
* (SS2) TrapNanites - Parameter nanites

The setup program uses RDF to determine what needs to be installed. It can copy files to a game directory, create directories, and add a directory name to the install.cfg (or darkinst.cfg).
I would like to have the program translated to other languages, so if you wish to volunteer please download the package and read translations.txt.

Finally, the script descriptions at http://www.thiefmissions.com/telliamed/scripts.html have been updated. There were a few mistakes floating around. (You people don't make very good proof-readers.) Additionally, I've added id attributes so you can jump directly to a script: http://www.thiefmissions.com/telliamed/scripts.html#traptimedrelay