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29th Jun 2005, 17:33
I am a bit stuck with my campaign..
Playing as great britain ( end of era 2 only 15 more turns or so ) i got controll over denmark, spain , portugal, france, morroco , region next to morroco.
Now Austria controlls a good chunk of africa, and prussia owns whole russia except the capitall..
They also own the small states that where nearby.
The only small states that are alive are Piedmont , all states of italy , egypt and the tunisia ( i think ) also sweden has ben liberated by me.
Now Austria and Prussia got massive massive armies..
I got good armies to..
Now neither side gots the power to attack each other , Austria is the mightiest with Prussia following and then me...
I would try to take a screenshot but dont know how ( i think it was with F12 but that key is broke..)
Any hints to seize world power? Because even if i could attack let us say prussia , Austria would come and destroy me...

5/77 Armd
29th Jun 2005, 18:09
A good tactic I use is taking out a neutral territory or two that are owned by the major power: e.g. Austria. And then sueing for peace. Let's say you control France and Austria controls Helvetia, Peidmont and Hannover. I would conduct a surprise attack and invade Helvetia and Peidmont. Wipe out the Austrian armies there and liberate the neutral countries.

Now since they are independant countries, you can pull back your invasion forces and concentrate them on your frontier with Austrian controlled Hannover. You can now sue for peace or try your luck against the armies in Hannover. At this time Austria is trying to rush its forces to their Western Front, so Hannover might be vulnerable.

The beautiful thing about this strategy is you create a nice buffer zone between you and the beligerant country. Many times, since your enemy has been bloodied by losing several territories, they are pretty willing to accept your proposal for peace. If not, they have to go through the neutral territories before getting to you. Your sympathy will suffer because of the surprise attack, but you will more than make up for it after a couple of liberations.

In the game I'm playing right now, I did this with Austria except I started with Two Sicilies and worked my way up the boot of Italy. It was easier this way since my "frontlines" were miniscule (one country wide). I finally stopped after taking Lombardy and Peidmont. Austria was very willing to settle for peace after that. It only cost me about 700 gold. In this game Austria is much more powerful than I am. However, that is changing rapidly.

What helped to protect me was after I kicked Austria out of each successive country, they couldn't counter-attack because I was in a new soveriegn country!

29th Jun 2005, 18:19
You must secure a defensive alliance with one of the great power then attack the other power if they attack back they will have to fight other power aswell as you.

5/77 Armd
29th Jun 2005, 20:42
You can initiate a defensive alliance with one great power, yes. But that's only honored if you are attacked. If you create an alliance, then become the aggressor in a conflict. Your ally is not obligated to help you and won't 100% of the time. By creating an alliance, you are securing your defensive posture; remember that.

30th Jun 2005, 06:42
I tried the strategy of attacking the neutral countries few days ago.
Problem is all the armies of Austria and Prussia are on there borders...
Let say i defeat 3 armies, okay liberating the neutral country and look another 3 armies.
i must also say i aint good in attacking.
Also nobody wants a coalition with me vs a grand power.
If i get myself a defensive allience i am still stuck because Prussia wont attack me then.

30th Jun 2005, 13:16
Coalitions are hard to secure in most cases,a defensive alliance will make your new ally less of a threat least for 12 turns and let you attack the other power.
And defensive play is the key to this game i used strong points like Piedemont and Hanover to defend and remember to secure the lands that are profitable and defendable.

5/77 Armd
30th Jun 2005, 13:19
I forgot to mention this: If, let's say Austria, has three armies in Helvetia, and the green shako above his military academy there; then not only do you have to defeat those three armies, but the following turn you have to fight what ever units were garrisoned at the academy.

This sucks because it means the country is not yet liberated, and if he has armies nearby he can move them in as reinforcements. You want to go after the occupied countries that have no "green shako" hovering over them. This surprise tactic has a specific strategy in mind. It is for rapidly shrinking the borders and resources of an enemy country and then seeking peace. (Strike fast and pull back!) If the enemy has garrisoned forces than it would be pointless to try this approach. That's why "and look another 3 armies." those armies came out to play. I should have gone into more detail in my prior post.

The only thing I can tell you is to build up your army on those borders. Later on in the game when my forces are superior, I tend to auto resolve a lot. But earlier on, you have to control your armies or you will take heavy losses, if not lose the battle outright. The only way you're going to get better is by practicing. I sucked bad when I first started, and I was getting really frustrated. Now I can at least hold my own.

30th Jun 2005, 16:18
Thank you all, before i readed your comments, i succeeded in killing of sweden, free russia from prussia and take the region next to hanover with small losses!
I will follow your tips and seize world power!
In the meanwhile, Piedmont, whole italy except sicilies and Egypt is under Austrias controll..
I managed to annex sicilies and the country next to egypt ( left from it ).
Tommorow i will continue this campaign.

Also thanks to the devs from making this game, where RTW lacks in difficulty , your game is the first one that actually got good AI ( except the fact they dont thech good ).
Also sorry for my grammar mistakes

30th Jun 2005, 18:50
Make a coalition with one one them to attack - that's how I do with Russia - destroyed Prussia with Austria, then England with Austria and now France is almost finished. And then right on Austria. Simple is that!

30th Jun 2005, 18:54
divide Et Impera!!!

30th Jun 2005, 20:02
Duke please read my posts.
I tried making a coalition, aint working.
About seperating and conquering them ( that is what you mean right? ), i am attacking prussia at 2 sides.

1st Jul 2005, 17:17
OK - coalition always work if you have enough money - relations have nothing with that.