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29th Jun 2005, 07:37

I have a few questions I'm kinda stuck with....

1) how do you attack enemy ships? I moved my ships right next to the enemy, but I don't know how to attack them

2) is it possible for me to have more than 1 ship attack ? If so how do I get it so I can use like 3 sloops at the same time

3) I was in a battle, and I told my sloop to board the enemy ship, but my sloop never did that.....what am I doing wrong??

4) Finally... :) how do you disembark your men off your ship? I tried to disembark in Norway, by dragging my men off the sloop, but they wouldn't go?

Cheers guys...any help will be appreciated...

Mister Nock
29th Jun 2005, 08:52
Well I haven't been playing long, but I'll have a go at answering, (someone corrrect me if I'm wrong.)

1&2. To have more than one ship in a battle, just place up to 6 ships in the same section of water. (Oh yeah, you must also be at war with the other ship(s) or they wont attack. ;) )

3. Boarding an enemy ship in battle is difficult, (well I've never managed it anyway.)

4. You can only disembark to the piece of land which has a Wharf/Port or whatever in the piece of water that your ship is in. So You cannot go from the English channel into northern France. :( This is one of the things I hate most about the game.

You may also not be able to disembark if the soldiers have already moved that turn. Try waiting till next turn and then disembarking.

Hey, I have another question someone may be able to answer;

5. I can't get officers to board ships if they are on their own, (ie. without any troops,) Why is this??

29th Jun 2005, 11:14
The sea must be clear of enemy ships before you can disembark.

5.I think this is a game feature or bug officers won't board ships without troops.

29th Jun 2005, 13:09
3. Boarding an enemy ship in battle is difficult, (well I've never managed it anyway.)

This have proven difficult for a lot of people. Your ship has to be next to an enemy ship for this to work, for obvious reasons. But this is not an order for the ship (ie it will not steer itself next to an enemy vessel and board) You manually have to steer your ship next to theres, and once in close proximity, you can issue the order and the boarding will commence.