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29th Jun 2005, 03:36
Well I just watched the show and it is sad to say that Lara lost. There were 9 finalists and three categories all the girls had to go through(some of which weren't fair for some of the contestants). Also some of the judges were partial to some characters before the thing even started.

Finalists from each round:

Lara Croft(Tomb Raider) - Best Booty
Rikku(Final Fantasy X & X-2) - Baddest good girl
Ivy(Soul Calibur) - Kinkiest accessory
Summer(Outlaw Golf) - Sexiest Finish
Tina(Dead or Alive) - Dirtiest Dancer
Kasumi(Dead Or Alive) - Dressed to Kill
Reiko(Rumble Roses) - Best Bounce
Rayne(Bloodrayne) - Most Dangerous Curves
Ada Wong(Resident Evil 4) - Biggest Guns

These were the last rounds for the 9 finalists. Those who didn't make the cut for each round were kicked.

First Round: Swimsuit contest

Well this round sucked as half the girls don't EVER wear a swimsuit in there game. So Ada was kicked(she wears a long dress), Lara was kicked (because she doesn't show her booty in that wetsuit), Summer was kicked because she had the least liked bikin, and finally Kasumi was kicked because (well i'm not really sure).

Second Round: Talent Competition

This was a silly round as the talents weren't really talents(some were though). Ultimately Rikku(who trains monkies......) and Ivy (calls birds) were cut from the now three finalists: Tina(dives off cliffs and lands on her feet.......wth?), Rayne(a splatter artist......LMAO), and Reiko (massage theropy....*yawn*)

Final Round: Interview

Now this one was funny only because of Rayne. Her question was about her trying to bring health care to children in poverty stricken countries. Her answer was straight out of the game about hunter down all the B****** children of her father and giving them some medicine(or something like that :) ). Then the questioner asked how she would get the Presidents approval for something like that. She replied that the top boss could "blow her" and called the questioner a monkey suit(he was dressed as a geek for some reason). Funny stuff. Reiko was just blah and Tina was asked about how she would bring about would peace. They showed a gameplay video of Tina dancing on the beach in a bikini and saying in Japanese, "No one can dance better than me!" . :rolleyes: Of course Tina won the contest and is now "Vixen of the year". Whoopee....

The judges were biased from the start. There was the guy from MTV road Rules who was obsessed with Kasumi, the Female wrestler who voted for Tina(who has a Wrestler fighting style in DOA), and the guy who if he were to die, would want to go out in extremely gory way(which is why he voted for Rayne). The first two don't even like Lara(more so the female wrestler lady). Basically every time she saw Lara she had to make a negative comment about her. Like the bikini contest round, she said she was glad Lara didn't win because she doesn't even show her butt in her swimsuit(especially since she is miss "Best Booty").

Anyways, during the event they also did the Gamers choice for Vixen of the year. Well gamers spoke and said they wanted Rikku as Vixen of the year with Rayne as first runner up.

All in all this four week contest was a bust, with lots of bias. If it were the judges way, Mistress Suki and her Gimp Caddy would be Vixen of the year. Oh I just can't wait for next year! (/sarcasm)

29th Jun 2005, 13:51
Thanks for the update. :) I wish I could have seen the show, sounds pretty funny. Well at least Lara won best booty. :thumbsup: