View Full Version : Just bought it. Had it and cossacks napolean in my hand and bought this

28th Jun 2005, 20:39
I was in Best Buy and couldnt decide between this game and cossacks napolean wars. I went with this because I heard it is a little more of a strategic game. Plus I have cossacks 1 and 2 and the AI is a total joke. I really hope this game has battles that the computer will stay in some form of formation.

5/77 Armd
28th Jun 2005, 20:46
The new Cossacks AI is much better than than the older ones, but it has its share of problems. It's good, but I haven't played it a whole lot. I got IG and Cossacks around the same time and have been pretty much immersed in IG. I think you made the right choice.

28th Jun 2005, 20:54
thanks, I cant wait to get my ass out of this stupid office to get home and give it a go.

5/77 Armd
28th Jun 2005, 23:19
Beware of the militia early in the game, I initially underestimated them! Your Light Infantry will be no match for them in hand to hand combat. Get off a round or two with your infantry then move your line infantry up (or cavalry if you have them) to engage them in melee.

I sense some frustration about to be posted to this thread tonight!

28th Jun 2005, 23:52
i agree about the militia, they've charged head on into my artillery and wiped it out. beat the crap out of my line units too. wasn't expecting it!