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28th Jun 2005, 06:27
I hope this is just a newb question and not a bug. I just started a campaign as the British, and I built a few merchant harbors in territories that had wharfs. However, I have no option to build merchant ships under the units menu. The building description says that it enables me to build these ships. Is this done automatically? In addition, the wharf still looks the same in the map, so if it's supposed to change into something else, it isn't.

28th Jun 2005, 07:16
once you few merchant harbors in territories that had wharfs in GB you have to click on commerical view button this will bring up the trade lines for sea and land, if you have build merchant harbors in GB click on any of those whafts should see ships come up in the troop recruitment window, the merchants ships can only be bought on the commerical view screen.

28th Jun 2005, 10:01
:D LOL, i didn't even know you had to build commercial ships :D Thanks for the tip :thumbsup:

30th Jun 2005, 15:09
Manuals are usefull sometimes eh