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28th Jun 2005, 00:06
hey i just bought project snowblind today and i dont have the correct graphics card i thought i had the right one but i was wrong...is there a patch or something i can download to make it work with my currecnt graphics card...this game looks really fun and really heart pounding...ill check back asap!

28th Jun 2005, 01:20
What kind of graphics card do you have exactly?

28th Jun 2005, 01:27
geforce 4mx

i thought i had the geforce 3

28th Jun 2005, 06:49
Hrm yeah....It does say on the back of the box that Snowbind specifically does not support GeForce 4 MX series. I'm not entirely sure why, but it might have something to do with Pixel Shading.

Maybe see if you can find an Pixel Shading Emulator on the net some where and try that out?

28th Jun 2005, 13:49
alright....could i just go out and buy one of those graphic boost cards...the things that go in the back of the computer like an ethernet card?

29th Jun 2005, 01:58
Not familiar with those. If their cost isn't prohibitive you might as well get a GeForce 5 series card which would probably run about 80 US.

14th Jul 2005, 09:35
Hmm, before buying a new graphic card, you could try the program 3D-Analyze v2.36b. Try disabling some high end graphic card functions etc. it's worth a try.. Click on the halfly bugged image of the program and your download should start: