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27th Jun 2005, 10:25
I remember readin somewere that the W2000 Sniper was the only announced weapon so far. this bothers me because i thought the Silverballers where 47 like how do i say this ummm....trademark weapons i would like it if they were in that way i would be able to presume that the silverballer silenced is in witch is my favorite weapon.

This will likely be my last post for the next 2 months as i am leavin for a while although i may be back on this site from time to time to see if anythin new pops up peace and see u later.

Signed The Man Ghost....lol

28th Jun 2005, 16:01
It is true that only the WA2000 is officially confirmed, but as there will be over 30 weapons and 50 modifications to these, I would assume with high certainty that the good ol' Hardballers/Silverballers will be in this one too. It is, as you say, Hitman's trademark guns, so much of the image would be lost without them.

I love the sequence from Silent Assassin, when he gets his briefcase with the Silverballers from the secret room in the floor and the Kuala Lumpur music plays.

Other weapons that would be strange to not have, since it is 30 total: MP5, Desert Eagle, Colt M4A1/M16A2, Beretta, Some kind of pump-action shotgun, sawed off, AK47 or newer versions, Ingram/Uzi, Some sort of machine gun; perhaps the good old M60, at least two other snipers, piano wire (of course), knife, anesthetics, a couple of other handguns, semi-automatic shotgun.

4th Sep 2005, 04:26
well think wut guns make it in almost everyone... :p (the same ones unless u get a really cool alien weapon) :eek:

4th Sep 2005, 06:53
Just put the weapons from H2 SA back in and im happy, maybe add a couple more, just forget about the contracts ones, the weapons felt weird and most were just dual and supressed versions, get rid of the supressed silverballer and put the sd beretta back in too, also get rid of the seringe and give us the anaesthetic back, i dont know how they made them guns right in H2 and completely blew it in contracts, after the contracts promissing fiasco i wont go out to buy #3 untill i play a demo :( .