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26th Jun 2005, 16:35
any trick to increase food,gold ect... for single player? ./ algun truco para aumentar la comida,oro ect.. para partidas normales? thanks,gracias :o

Age of Reason
26th Jun 2005, 19:45
There is no one "trick" or cheat to use to gain huge amounts of any of the resources. You have to build your empire's infrastructure up over time. To me, this is the beauty of the campaign mode. Its supposed to take a while to conquer.

It also depends on which empire you are playing with. If you are Britain, you should have an advantage in the gold department. If you are Russia, you will have an advantage in the raw materials department, and so forth.

If I were you...

Start with the buildings that will build up your trading capability, and anything else that will increase your gold return (markets!). Also don't forget to build hospitals either. From what I've gathered, every nation has a problem collecting population, and hospitals will increase your returns.

At the beginning of the game, I would suggest not attacking any of the major empires and just concentrate on building up a defensive military (unless there is a smaller country you can conquer to expand your commercial interests).

Later on in the game, if you have conquered some territories and amassed a decent sized army, I highly reccomend building military hospitals in all your capitals. They are great for your restoring your depleted forces, thus allowing them to gain experience and be better units in combat.