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Mister Nock
25th Jun 2005, 22:34
It had to be done.

My fellow Sharpe fans, download your green jackets here. :D



Lt. Kyuzo
25th Jun 2005, 22:44
Wooo the chosen men live on ;)!!! nice mod matey

Inferior Being
25th Jun 2005, 22:51
Sweeeet! :D :thumbsup: ;) Simple, yet ingenious.

25th Jun 2005, 23:42

26th Jun 2005, 07:51
Nice job :thumbsup:

Inferior Being
26th Jun 2005, 11:15
Sorry to go off topic, but what was the thing about the famous 95th Rifles? Were they an elite? :confused:

Mister Nock
26th Jun 2005, 16:21
They were a largely experimental regiment created at the begining of the 1800's, the first ever regiment to be armed with 100% rifles, they were trainned to fight in pairs, moving and picking tragets. The Baker Rifle could was acruate at 300 yards as opposed to the 80 yards of the the smoothbore musket.

Basically, they were the first modern soldiers.

26th Jun 2005, 17:48
It says the site is under reconstruction...

26th Jun 2005, 18:07
It says the site is under reconstruction...

Leave it a couple of seconds and it goes to another bit with "paint splodges".

Klick on the mods, and scroll down to the Imerial Glory bit...etc etc

Mister Nock
26th Jun 2005, 19:33
Yeah, it says that because It's not finished yet, I've still got some bits to upload. Infact, I only started remaking the site the other day as a place for all the IG mods I plan to make. :D

26th Jun 2005, 19:56
hey, also the 95th were not soldiers of the line, they could move around and pick their own targets and shoot. They tended to shoot officers as that demoprolised the infantry, the french learning that lesson alot. Also the 95th was the regiment sharpe was in in the movies :)

26th Jun 2005, 20:24

has a good unit history of the 95th.


26th Jun 2005, 20:38
come on i dont know how to open the folder needed for the patch!

30th Jun 2005, 11:29
:( I may seem like a complete idiot but I cannot understand the 'Preperations' section of the Read-Me for this mod. It looks a great mod but I can't understand how to create a Data file to use it. Help would be great! :thumbsup:

30th Jun 2005, 11:32
hey go to my computer, click search and put in imperial glory. You will neeed winzip or winrar for this. extract the data files with it and then bug mr nock for the rest as he is editing the read-me.

Mister Nock
30th Jun 2005, 15:28
Yeah, Scope found a mistake in my readme. Everybody laugh at my foolishness. :rolleyes:

30th Jun 2005, 15:33
^^^^ I posted that at school. Dont worry it was only 1. not bad for a first attempt.

30th Jun 2005, 17:29
Brilliant mod. Whats the next one to be?

30th Jun 2005, 17:59
:( I may seem like a complete idiot but I cannot understand the 'Preperations' section of the Read-Me for this mod. It looks a great mod but I can't understand how to create a Data file to use it. Help would be great! :thumbsup:

Turns out the game will run either from the compressed data.pak or from the uncompressed contents of that file. I just decompressed the data.pak file into my main IG directory and renamed the data.pak file and everything runs fine. Loading times seem slightly shorter but it's probably just my imagination.

2nd Jul 2005, 10:45
Nice mod there mate, 'bet', theres more comeing from that quarter. :D

Have it in place, and the 95th uniforms look great.

Had a little touble at first, but found I had to put mod in data, and model folder to get it to work properly, putting in just data turned the uniforms white :)first time for everything :thumbsup:

Keeping the old as stated in instructions.

10th Jul 2005, 13:50
good mod mate, im glad to see someone appreciates history :thumbsup:

10th Jul 2005, 14:39
you are not alone.

10th Jul 2005, 15:59
Now we just need to get Napolean's army done up in such a fashion to fight them.

13th Jul 2005, 19:42
when i try to do the preparation, the files aren't zipped and windows doesn't recognise what type of file it is. How is it done. HELP!

13th Jul 2005, 21:57
how can u give props to this its shyt no offense it was a good idea but i expect that u make it better like the whole unit doesnt match as in pants shirt and also if u kno anythin bout anythin u could make that easily

Mister Nock
13th Jul 2005, 22:27
I welcome comments my friend, both positive and negative, I only ask that you improve your grammer so I can understand them. Why was it so "shyt" perhaps I can improve it for a future version.

Thanks. :)

14th Jul 2005, 15:46
when i try to do the preparation, the files aren't zipped and windows doesn't recognise what type of file it is. How is it done. HELP! don't worry its sorted now

15th Jul 2005, 09:46
Hope your not haveing a bad time (cro) Knight, comments like that are not helpfull and mean nothing to the realism of this game, and what can be acheaved.

The Brit arty uniforms and the (French)chev are good to. :D

Zero Gulf
3rd Aug 2005, 16:16
The comments from Cro_Knight had me scratching my head too! LMAO

As Modders, we appreciate helpful comments, suggestions and even constructive criticism of our hard work, but when we see a post where the author can't string two thoughts together in a row... well, it just makes me chuckle!

That, and all the thousand dollar/pound computers out there that didn't come with a spell checker! A lot of people must feel ripped off! ROTFLMAO

Anyway (chuckle, sniff, chuckle) nice work on the 'Green Jackets' mod Mr. Nock, look forward to adding a few mods of my own in the future. The Modding Community really can give a good game great legs! I think Imperial Glory will be a terrific challenge for us modders!

"March To The Sound Of The Guns!"
Zero ‘out'

3rd Aug 2005, 20:25
'lo nock

may I just say its all looking very snazzy :thumbsup:
Just wondering will the 95th's mod alter any other aspects of gameplay? and will I be able to download all the mods and run them in the one game?

It's just im rather iffy about mod's Its just i previously held the belief that most mods are am's and ruin the game*coughRtwpatch1.2makercough*But after seeing YOUR mods they look good they shouldnt alter/ make the game faulty AND they add a touch of realism+look good :D :D :D :thumbsup:

So once iv played with the vanilla version of the game il DEFINATLY pay your mod's site a visit :D

ALTHOUGH there is one bit of constructive critisicm I have.......your not making enough/ these great mods quick enough CHOP CHOP BOY! ;)

Mister Nock
4th Aug 2005, 11:07
None of my mods change the gameplay, they are purley graphical. The only mod where I changed code is the artillerymen one, because by default it uses the line infantry skin and I had to change the code to fix it.

And if you follow the instructions, they will not overwrite the original files, so you can restore the default skins with ease.

And yes, they are all compatible with eachother, and should work fine with other peoples mods to.

And you are absolutly right, I need to make more, I've been slaking recently. I will get my skates on. :D

5th Aug 2005, 11:43
Thankyou for the Green Jackets and Royal Artillary. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: <--- two thumbs up.

And thankyou to the guy who activated my account

5th Aug 2005, 13:13
any game screenshots with some of the mods?? i finally got to play a couple decades since the patch and would like to see what the add ons look like "in action" so to speak.

5th Aug 2005, 14:54
most of the mods come with screenshots except for puppys audio one

28th Dec 2005, 06:07
good mod. thanks