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25th Jun 2005, 12:06
Evolution of Lara Croft plots the meteoric rise to fame of Jill de Jong, Lucy Clarkson, Nell McAndrew, Lara Weller and Rhona Mitra, Jonell Elliot and Judith Gibbins. Complete with biographics, pictures and features.



Sophia Leigh
25th Jun 2005, 12:38
Thanks for the information. In my opinion Rhona Mitra looks the most like Lara (AOD & Legend versions anyway)

25th Jun 2005, 12:41
My favourite has always been Nell. :)


25th Jun 2005, 13:15
They all have their charms. :) I liked Lara Weller an awful lot. But I found Nell a bit ummmm well, not classy enough to be a Lady who went to finishing school. The girls' background stories often leave me going hmmmmmm to myself.

The person you have up there that most impressed me was Judith Gibbins. :D

25th Jun 2005, 19:26
Check this French site: http://www.captain-alban.com/larareelle.html

They show Natalie Cook as the first model, before Rhona Mitra.

They also list Vanessa Demouy and Ellen Rocche.

Lara Croft Online
25th Jun 2005, 21:27
When I read the thread title I said wow I'm flattered. :D

25th Jun 2005, 22:18
Hi Dino.

The first official model, as employed by Eidos, was Rhona. The others, while pretty darn good, were never official models.

26th Jun 2005, 01:15
The following is a French to English translation of the above referenced Captain Albans web page by www.freetranslation.com. I find it humorous.

For the promotion of the game, Eidos (the producer) engages uniformly actresses or mannequins to hold the role of Lara in flesh and in bones. They participate then to the parlors, do photos or give interviews for items of magazines, indeed even record discs! Usually , these incarnations change each year, while beginning their career of Lara Croft at the time of the famous parlor E3 of atlanta and appearing a lot at the time of the gone out of the games. Certain themselves some hold there, of others invest themselves more, and usually too to the eidos taste, that finishes by itself some to separate.

Egalement, certain fame put in Lara Croft, for the needs of an item or for a more local launch. One can suppose that eidos gives his agreement for that, but one really cannot qualify them of "official Lara".

At last, many unknown girls , fans of Lara or incited by fans of Lara, put while trying to resemble our héroïne.

The first one to hold the role of Lara was Natalie Cook (now Clarke), a young mannequin of the Berkshire. His photo parut in the English newspaper The Mirror at first of the year 1997. The success of the game incita surely Eidos to choose quickly someone of more known.

Natalie was replaced by Rhona Mitra, a young English actress. Rhona participated in many promotion operations (and does a disc) and became quickly a star with the fans of Lara. But Eidos dismissed it in November 1997, the uncontrollable judge.

Always in November 1997 but in France, Vanessa Demouy, young French actress star of sitcoms for adolescent, put in Lara Croft for the needs of the magazine VSD. It is not a matter not any an official Lara, but of a pub blow without next day.

Exhausted third to embody officially Lara Croft, Nell McAndrew began at the time of the parlor E3 of June atlanta 1998. Young method mannequin rather being delirious, Nell held the role during a year, but Eidos sees red when she puts for Playboy!

A year later, TR4 goes out and a new incarnation of Lara is presented to the public at the time of the parlor E3 of 1999: Lara Weller. A first one to name predestined! Novelty: it is not a matter not any a mannequin English but More dutch, more left to attempt his luck to London.

For the fifth time , the announcement of the new episode is the occasion to present a new Lara: Lucy Clarkson. His father says for him that it would see it well in Lara and a year after, this is done! Lucy appreciates this role that allows for him to assume its forms.

Eidos not being present to Brazil, this is the corporation Greenleaf that distributes the Tomb Raider. To accompany the gone out of TR5, Greenleaf proposes to a local mannequin, Ellen Rocche , to embody Lara. She already knew the games and is a fan of Lara!

Pretty Angelina is well evidently a Lara in flesh and in bones all special one since she holds the role of the beautiful adventurous one on the big screen. Well more important than to do a little figuration! The opinions are divided on his benefit: normal for a subject so sensitive...

Jill of Jong is the sixth Lara Croft official, with the well special task to embody Lara Next Generation. She will travel through the world to assure the promotion of the all new game Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, that go out of here the at the end of 2002.

Next to these almost fame, many unknown ones put in Lara Croft, become a true feminine symbol. What this be for a competition, for a party, or simply to do and to please itself, these girls are a beautiful homage to the beauty of Lara.A rather fractured French! There seems to be a problem with the gender of pronouns.

I didn't know that there was a web site to translate web pages.

1st Jul 2005, 08:30
Lucy Clarkson IS Lara Croft!!! :p:D

1st Jul 2005, 09:30
When I read the thread title I said wow I'm flattered. :D
MUST ................NOT ...................MUST NOT!! Oh, what the heck,

TOM! The title says Evolution of Lara Croft online! :D So where are the pictures of you as an ape!!??? :D ;) :p ;)

*runs away giggling and hides under the couch*