View Full Version : So long...

24th Jun 2005, 16:31
You will see on the main forum page here that I have decided to move on from Eidos to a new job. I just wanted to say a special thank you to you guys here, as Crash N Burn was my first community project and it was such a pleasure working with you. You guys made an good game great. I'll still be hanging out on the forums as a moderator, so keep in touch.


3rd Jul 2005, 02:50
Thank you for jump starting our multiple tournaments each week. It probably would have happened eventually, but you sure helped out gathering the die-hard racers half a year ago.
Good luck with your next job and we would be thrilled to see you show up for one of our tournaments.

30th Jul 2005, 02:00
Yes good luck with your new job.
I hope you are a great inspiration there as you were here!!!! :D

30th Jun 2006, 23:29
atleast the forums for this great game hasn't died. i still hold out hope for backwards compatability.