View Full Version : Has Snowblind Been Abandon?

24th Jun 2005, 15:45
Has project snowblind been abandon be edios?

No tornaments are being held anymore!
The clan war has mysteriously been droped!
And mike g head of the snowblind won't respond to any topics its as if he doesnt exsist, what has happened?

25th Jun 2005, 05:06
he's shackled to a wall down in my basement.

25th Jun 2005, 10:17
Mike has stopped working for Eidos and moved on to other adventures.

25th Jun 2005, 14:46
Sorry to hear that. Is anyone taking over?

29th Jun 2005, 22:52
Intrepid_Soul and myself have taken on managing mike_g's role for the time being. However this is all on top of our regular tech support work load, so I don't know if there will be any more hosted online events until Eidos finds someone to replace Mike_g. Sorry folks, but right now we just don't have the time to do it. :(


6th Jul 2005, 15:13
well thats bad news, so im guessing no more patchs are comming out as well?

6th Jul 2005, 15:53
Hey MODS is there really a patch in the works??? can you guys just tell us the truth, so we dont have to wait for nothing.

6th Jul 2005, 16:22
Hey Aris666,

I've heard a lot of stories in the rumor mill about a patch in the works down at Crystal Dynamics. However, nothing definite has come down the pipes yet, which doesn't surprise me a bit. It takes a long time for information to trickle down to us in support. More often than not we find out about a patch after its been uploaded to our website. Sorry I don't have any more info than that. :(


27th Sep 2005, 19:10
well thats bad news, so im guessing no more patchs are comming out as well?What do you mean "no more patches"? Not a single one has been released officially, this game bombed and EIDOS jumped ship...

27th Sep 2005, 20:32
i've heard that there's no patch for the pc version of snow blind but cummon wots goin on there's no ps2 players online either? is it cos eidios reset the ranks for competitions? if so why didn't the scores get backed up and reinstalled? due to a lack of intelligence and commitment eidios have lost out big style and have given themselves a bad name i for one will NEVER buy an eidios endorsed game again!!!! :mad:

27th Sep 2005, 22:15
Mate, it's spelt EIDOS. Anyho, they've proven themselves to be foolish already with such calamities such as Deus ex Invisible Wars so this game should come as no surprise.

28th Nov 2005, 09:36
well Dues EX 2 was bad(besides thier not the only one to forget what the frist game was like look at Perfext Dark 360 a prefect rip off of the great N64 game and to a lesser exstent quake 4).....but I diagress,this happens alot with Large Corprate devs look at EA and Clive BArkers Undieing...probly the best FPS they have made in years (best non WWX sim FPS *L*)and once it didnt sell the way they wanted they closed down the patch and MP patch they said they were goign to do.

But like any DEV they ahve to work on the gmaes they will bring in money and if a game is not highly rated it will be worked on when they can do it and useauly its all the gmaes I like that are never patched *L*

I have sound clipping issues with my SB live 24bit I didnt have this problem a week ago I had to reinstall XP is was going nuts seems one of my ram is bad the other one checked out ok.
mabye I need to reinstall the game ><

I wonder if this is one of the reasons why devs are movieng away from the PC
sicne console games cant be patched they dont have to worry about fixing them *L*

28th Nov 2005, 21:04
Yes and don't forget Thief 3...which was thankfully in much better shape but still in need of several months of tweaking.

That's what this game needed. I'm sure nobody would mind if it was delayed for a month or two in order to fix the bugs.

15th Dec 2005, 20:26
I'm surprised EIDOS hasn't deleted this section of the forums, it's most embarassing considering how they've jumped ship...

7th Jan 2006, 18:39
can't play single player due to fog
multiplayer is mythical as in doesnt exist
no tech support to help remedy the problems
and no community to support its self mod/3rd party potential patch wise

I basicly spent 49.99 on a defective coster
isnt there a LAW! against that?

damn Shister's

Special Weapons Weenie
2nd Feb 2006, 14:54
Here's a solution(?): Download/purchase Deus Ex:Game of the Year edition. The graphics are a bit old by today's standards but the game itself _still_ Kicks A** even after all these years. It's too bad EIDOS didn't just copy the original Deus Ex style into DEIW or Project Snowblind. Project Snowblind has potential but.... oh well. It was a good effort. :o

25th Apr 2006, 23:16
*L* SNowblind is at least desent its a medicore game ment to be medicore to bad edios has a ignore patch solution for games...mabye thats why corpate devs are goign to the console they dobt have the fix anything....

Special Weapons Weenie
26th Apr 2006, 15:23
Yea I agree with you.
I'm not going to buy any more Eidos games until I've read a few reviews from game reviewers like PC Gamer. Their reviews match my opinions as far as games I've liked are concerned.
BTW, check out Quake 4--it got both good and bad reviews but if you like a game like Project Snowblind then you'll really like Q4. It's like Project Snowblind with better weapon designs, maps, voice acting and story.

Anyhow, no games for me until this term is finished--VB programming is a lil hard for a beginner like me.


26th Apr 2006, 21:07
Special Weapons Weenie
The trouble with quake 4 it like dues ex 2 its ment to be great and when ti fails to be....one gets pissed...its ture Q4 is medicore but Iloathg it..its turely effortless design on the aort of the devs....I have been ask by so many why I hate Q4 Iwrote acouple paraghraps over it..let me find it
found it mmm probly needs more proofing but ah well *L*
I ben trying to play Deus ex 2 this week on the OC and its driveing me nuts they didnt bother to bind all the keys to the KB or mouse ggaaa its annoying the elvel design aint half bad tho the voice acting is above par to but OMG it was trashed (biomods,weapons,items,menu,control) for the consoles ><
I might pick up a PS2 version but I dont know ,I got snowblind on the PS2 was not to happy with the control shcemes I have palyed it befor on the PC and just got its PC version.I might whine at edios for not patchign games but activsion probly the top publishier dosent realy patch alot either they seem to have more "stable" devs that plan make patchs and such 0-o oh well edois and EA seem to not like patchs *L* oh well >< when in dout boyycot and buy used *L* I was lucky to take Q4 back and get store credit love local shops to bad I am not in the city no more ;_;

Quake 4 much like dues ex 2 is the epiphany of effortless game design catered for the causal gamer while DOOM3 might have suffered from being to eye candy friendly (weak level design) Quake 4 lacks so much vision its scary I will go over each of what it failed at.
My views are that of a Die hard FPS gamer and I know most don't understand WTF I am talking about..but I am going to try anyway.

Level design
IF you forget the past you will fail..
Quake 1,2,and RTCW all ID titles altho built by various Groups you can see good design and great level design plenty of hidden spots and secrets,Quake 4s Level design is new bland WW2 like with little to no hidden spots and secrets its a basic gun and run you don't need to think or explore D3 suffered from this to but it also had a corridor feel to it mostly becuse carmack demaned GRAPHICS..and let nearly everythign else go..the story was almost good.

Real weapons suck...
Basing the Q2 weapons on real life then watering them down didn't help win me over either Alt fire has be embraced by most games and Q4 ignores it the only reason Q2 didn't have alt fire it was not heavily used at the time and I feel alt fire brings more depth to game play.Q2 had normal handgrenades in it and they came in handy all you get with Q4 is the Normal launcher.But then as they said they didn't look at Q2 or Q3 when hacking togathering Q4....and if you don't understand this a sniped shot with the rail gun dose not do extra damage it cant even take out small enemies in one shot,the upgrades over time were nice but in the end almost useless...

Suffers from D3's cinemagic music if you like....uummm ambiance for music good for you..but give me the Q2 soundtrack any day....

Q4 dose have some nice things the medics,tech and other marines are nice but they shouldnt have replaced your item belt that was more usefull then all the "fodder" combined...The story is mediocre not the best not the worst I don't know if I liked U2s a little more or not but it near it *L* now U2's plot was trash at least Q4s is harder to mess up Voice acting in Q4 is a bit cheap its like they hired the best 4 or 5 VA's and called it a day but then most games go cheap on VAing... .

Technical Issues
Why am I sticking to the floor?
Its not like all games are perfect but I feel these issues should have been dealt with before release,Inviable walls and lack of them helped get me into acouple bad places I had to either had to restart or die to fix
why cant I jump on the railings go under the walkway and and other little things ..

Multi Player
Saving the..uumm..BEST....for last

Q2 and Q3 have more Options for models,Maps MP type than Q4 dose and the reason to this I think is because Q4 is carmakcs masterpiece and cant fully run right on medium High PCs much less for the masses they completely missed the boat on this one plus you cant adjust the graphics using D3 options that help speed things up,Raven made JK2 and JK3 both great FPS's well balanced and such well JK3 has not so well balanced saber fights for MP *L* but I was holding high hopes for Q4,And it failed in so many things its not better than Unreal 2 to me perhaps I am using to many great older games to judge new games by....I gave Q4 a 5 on gamespot its pretty much mediocre I gave HL 2 a 7 or 8 the level design and character designs are good if not great but the weapons feel nerfed plus odd ammo caps just constantly take from the game..

27th Apr 2006, 01:31
I am palying Snow blind right now on the computer so far I dont have any sound issues that I noticed last time I palyed it,also OMFG Crystal Dynamics (SP) did a great jobon converting the console controls to the PC I am amazed so far its run great for me and even lets me alt tab Dues ex 2 hated alt tabing I mean I turely am amzed at this game this is a medicore title that is so eaily ignored by the corps and they let thigns slide like patchs and contralablity...but I'll be damned if they actualy made aptchs for it I would consinder this game to be prefect,altho I under the joys of computer drivers and compalibity ...I realy need to find a control mod tolet me adjust the games control the way I want it...I dont know tho I dont think getting DXIW for the PS2 would be worth it.....mmmmm

Anyway porps to CD for converting the game right ,I forget but dose anyone know if CD is still going? *L*

27th Apr 2006, 08:54
Yeah CD made the latest Tomb Raider game that was just released.

Snowblind was cool but a patch would increase the replayability of the game. Can't have everything eh?

27th Apr 2006, 17:51
Very ture at best you can only hope for basic palyabilty and patchs to get it working on "most" PCs if needed,unforunately it seems only the top games get the patchs to make it behave and run on most PCs while the rest are lucky to get a patch while the game is still being pushed by the publisher once the publisher gives up most likely you will never see a patch unless its 8 years later and a programer stumbles across archives or soemthing 0-o

19th Jun 2006, 18:31
Too bad that we won't be seeing any patches for the game. I really enjoyed playing Snowblind when I borrowed it for the Xbox and eventually beat it. I loved the storyline, AI, weapons, and the music too somewhat. I hope that we will see a patch someday and I am willing to buy this game. It truly is a great game and I don't mean to say that it wasn't bad in any way.

The bad thing about the game is possibly that the graphics weren't very good and the sound was a okay, but surely would've done better. Also they could've gotten more voice overs as well as more types of soldiers because there were very few types of soldiers in the game. I really think that Crystal Dynamics would've done better with this game and I think that they should work on a sequel, which could actually do pretty well if they make it for the PS3 and Xbox 360 with powerful graphics, better AI, more soldier types, a bigger arsenal of weapons, and perhaps the main character should return again. There should also be the powerups that you were able to use in this game, which were fun for me.

I do hope that we see patches of this game later on after some time because I feel that will slightly improve the game a bit and get it to work better. Please Eidos do this for us and possibly release a patch for this game. We really want more to expect from you and from this game.