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24th Jun 2005, 12:32
The game runs smoothly on my pc (a PIII / 1000 Mhz, 512 Ram, GeForce 128mb). Even with huge battles I experienced no problem. But there seems to be a buggy territory. I assaulted Bohemia and after the load screen I got a crash to the blue screen which prompts to memopry skanning or restart.

I tried it again, I loaded a quick battle in bohemia with a few troops but always it crashes. As I said, I have no other problems even in huge battles.

Does anyone have a clue? Is that a "bugged" territory or do I have to do something?


25th Jun 2005, 12:04
Well, after a day of gameplay I found out that there are more than one "crashing" territories. They are unplayable in campaign oder Quick Battle.

I suspect that the initial "battle" video does the damage. Is there a way to disable them? (the battle videos, not just the game introduction ones, like the eidos screen)

On the game package it sais for XP admin only. Whats that?

Can anyone help me plz? This is Technical Discussion, isn't it?

25th Jun 2005, 13:27
XP admin only means you need to have administrator rights on your pc, ahem, if you're the sole user, you already are the admin anyway, i hate windows too, long live Longhorn :D

26th Jun 2005, 00:28
Thanks man. Do you have a clue for the crash thingy?