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23rd Jun 2005, 15:53
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You guys have messed up, big time. Please, everyone, read this and spread it around. We need to stop it before it gets too late. Tell a friend.

Imagine 47 being played by Vin Diesel. Different voice, lots of corny little catch phrases, no stealth, no fun, completely destroying the game and the movie by making it more mainstream. If it goes mainstream, the game will likely be changed to suit younger ages and the uncoordinated, including less realistic kills, easier difficulty, easily acquired unlockables or no unlockables at all. The game is going to suck.

Vin Diesel will thankfully have nothing to do with Blood Money. It's the movie and the games afterward that he's going to bomb.

I don't know what Eidos was thinking, being a formerly awesome game company, but we've got to stop Vin. Please sign the petitions, there are links to them in the thread. If we all work against this with protests and the like, we can stop Vin from being in the games. It's too late for the movie, the contract is done.

Do you want him in the future games? Probably not. Even if you do, please voice your opinion here and on HitmanForum, the link at the top.

23rd Jun 2005, 21:00
Hey, if you help complain about V.D. being 47, go to the Contracts forum, there's a page there where we should turn into a petition. The thread is called 'Vin Diesel as Hitman 47'.

We have to stop this madness!