View Full Version : 5 minutes watching my army walk then 30 seconds screaming at the game WAIT! NO! GAHH!

G Rider
23rd Jun 2005, 02:31
WTF? No pause that allows me to give orders and the speed is to fast to do anything worth while it seems. To add insult to injury I can't speed up the battle at times when needed (setting up). :mad:

I don't even attempt to play out naval battles. It's hopeless. I mine as well be in a row boat armed with only a fishing pole out there.

What a shame.

Take it the devs aren't into playing out battles and such like many here that are probably from RTW. So.......

Anyone making a mod to fix these issues?


23rd Jun 2005, 02:41
It's too fast, I agree. But it does get much better after you play the game awhile and get used to the controls.

Wiltshire Tony
23rd Jun 2005, 09:33
Have more patience is what I say. Like your good self I found the first battles I had (land) very frustrating, but you can develop your commanding "skills" the more you play. In fact I have found that the better you become, the more enthralling the battles are. Ok sometimes you do get caught out be the speed of the action but I would like to think that this happened in real live too?
I have never had a problem fighing naval encounters, in fact I luv em. Get a frigate against 3 sloops for a superb battle.

Anyway to sum up, the more you play, the better you get.


23rd Jun 2005, 10:49
There are a lot of people hoping and waiting that the pause and game speed issue will be resolved in a patch, in the meantime don't give up on it yet, just wait and see.

23rd Jun 2005, 13:00
There are various people attempting to complete a mod or mods, but nothing substantial has been submitted so far. There are plenty of guidance notes on what to mod and where in the text files, but unless you can read Spanish or feel confident about modding they are probably not much use. We are still waiting.........Caffe, where's that mod :confused: ?

G Rider
23rd Jun 2005, 23:50
Heh. Give it time?

I give it 5 minutes for my army to walk to play 30 seconds of combat that I have to pause click pause hope I click fast with a pause. Hell I can't even watch the 30 seconds as I'm feverishly trying to control my troops.

Eidos, you missed the mark horribly with this one.

Patch it with pause/command and add an advance time feature for battles or this copy and I'm sure others are headed to Ebay. Just read review after review and the same complaint as mine and is the main reason for bad reviews.


24th Jun 2005, 00:12
All I can say is that my initial reaction was exactly like yours. My first several battles seemed like uncontrollable chaos. As I've played more, though, and learned to use the hotkeys (such as grouping my units and assigning hotkeys to select them) and learned the capabilities and limitations of the various units, the battle and combat speed does not seem nearly so quick.

And it does depend on the era and types of units involved. Early-era, militia-heavy battles will tend to be quick melee free-for-alls. Later-era battles with more experienced units and better doctrine (from research) tend to play out more slowly, with more volley and maneuver.

G Rider
24th Jun 2005, 03:26
I hear ya. Thanks for the reply. But to sit and watch them walk for 5 or more minutes is more boring than the breif moments of fun though for me.

Wiltshire Tony
24th Jun 2005, 07:45
You are so missing the point.

Perhaps IG is not suited to the type of game you want to play.

The initial positioning of your force (the 5 min walk) is a major part of any battle.

Take some care over this and maybe your battles will last a bit longer.

You may even start winning some.

24th Jun 2005, 09:00
this is war not check, war is chaos

I think you have more then enough time to set up your armies before you start the battle why would you pause & command every move? it would remove all the exitment of seeing of your tactic you set up at the begin works or not

I think you should just plan ahead and not think every moment about a whole new tactic

the only thing I really want in land battles is standground, exept for that I love the battle system

24th Jun 2005, 10:51
the only thing I really want in land battles is standground, exept for that I love the battle system

Someone discovered this, use ctrl + alt + h for it

24th Jun 2005, 11:12
I don't have a problem with any battle, and yes war is both war and a game of chess, strategy played an important part back then, not like the yanks now sitting on boats and launching tomahawk missiles from them :mad: If you studied the battle of Austerlitz for example you would know Napoleon won strategically because he followed a set plan, this is how he could overcome an army that was almost double his size ;)

G Rider
25th Jun 2005, 02:06
Didn't miss the point and either did the reviewers.

No way to speed up the marching and to be able to micromange the battles with more control pause/command is missing the point. Really if you want realism after setting up as the commander you don't have hardly any micromanaging with your limited influeance because of communications. But this is for entertainment.

I agree with the chess remark about war but not the yank part. But this game is more like super speed chess and someone walks up and swipes the pieces away right when you are going to reap from a successful tactic (retreat BS)! Again RTW got that right over this - Retreating and chasing them down.

Be nice to watch the graphics and animations of the fighting. Instead I'm feverishly trying to micromanage becasue I can't pause/command.


Anyone like the non pause/commnad for the naval game. LOL


25th Jun 2005, 10:03
I've played the campaign through a few times now and didn't *need* pause, though I can see why you ask for it as it would have been useful a few times .. but still not needed as such.

It can be frustrating if you have to wait a while for your troops to get to contact in a land battle, particularly if you are staying more or less where you started, but that's a minor weakness overall. Be patient.

As for micro-management during battle - as Queeg said: set up some hot keys. That's the first thing I do (before the battle even begins in fact) so I can select any grouping of units with a single press, or go to them with a double press. I don't see why this isn't working for you (?) If you set up the hotkeys properly you should have no problems.

Naval battles are a bit twitchy since the ships don't fire or manoeuvre automatically so they need more one-to-one handling, but again just set up a hotkey for each ship and that will help you a lot.

hope that helps,