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22nd Jun 2005, 17:05
Has anyone noticed that whilst playing as Prussia, any sensible alliances or other diplomatic action normally ends in Austria's defacto isolation for the whole game? I've played Prussia 3 times and each time Austria has only held one territory (its capital) and that's without any military input from myself.

One game, the Hannovan empire stretched east right across to Russia, at Austria's expense.

It's just a little odd. I would have expected the greatest fight from Austria myself :) Also, it's a shame that the major belligerants are unable to rise from such blunders. Even with massive donations, Austria never seemed able to field a full army to retake a single territory. That also applies when under the protection of Allies..

9th Jul 2005, 19:17
yes at the start of the game the austrains are very good like getting ottoman empire and moldavia, but later on they suck!

Azharas Knight
9th Jul 2005, 20:17
I've played as Prussia and the Austrians were the only nation that resisted me. They hade whole Nortern Africa, the southern half of Russia and the whole Ottoman Empire. I had pretty much most of Northern and Western Europe.

10th Jul 2005, 08:20
In my campaign ( medium ) without figting russia, prussia or austria, or doing any deals with them.
Austria was a world power who controlled whole east africe, almost all the east of the whole world except the lands from russia , prussia did those.
He had massive huge armies, Prussia had huge armies and russia was dead.

10th Jul 2005, 23:21
Russia for me has been dead 4 times, while my England in the first two commanded France, spain, portugal, and parts of Africa. And in these Austria took Italy, Ottoman Empire and that was it, Prussia constantly destroyed Russia and waited.

Both ended with a long lasting alliance with Prussia to take the world, and then him. [12 turns of building armies at everywhere apart from Prussia/Sweden meant an army quick!]

Prussia as my last two ended with Austria just sitting at my door, as I took Sweden and Russia, while England and France fought over Spain. It ended because I got caught with weakened forces and lost all but two territories.

27th Jul 2005, 02:30
Yeah, Im playinga as Prussia right now, and started noticing that Austria was getting a little too proud of itself, so I invaded, and am currently kicking the crap out of them. He's bringing arabian inf. from Africa, and I'v pretty much beaten down his main forces of line and light-style inf. and his cav. regs. arent helping his situation. lol.