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Christopher Perry
22nd Jun 2005, 16:56
I don't know about other people but the difficulty button doesn't seem to make any difference to the way the game plays :-( Am I right?
Cheers, Chris P.

28th Jun 2005, 19:37
from the short amount i've played the higher the difficulty the more intteligant the enemy officers on the battle field are, but my comp is'nt very good so i have'nt played it much and my opinon may not count

28th Jun 2005, 22:30
in the campaign map the higher the difficulty the more aggressive the other countries are and I think they go faster with their research aswell (convert less to money perhaps?).

In battles the AI becomes more intelligent. On easy the AI doesnt use defensive positions, when they are on the defence and on hard the AI tend to respond on artillery before the artillery is shooting (like charging out a building instead of getting shelled inside it and than charging).

So difficulty does matter :).

29th Jun 2005, 06:18
Differences I've noticed on Hard vs. Medium:

1. AI seems to research faster on Hard. As England, I poured everything into research and was shocked to see Russia reach the second era at the same time as me. That could never happen on Medium.

2. AI nations are more aggressive and are much more likely to declare war. On side effect is that it's not unusual to see the minors declare war on majors and sometimes take a province or two. Although ahistoric, I think it makes for a more interesting game as the minors tend to survive much longer into the game.

3. Battles seem more challenging, though I can't put my finger on the reason.

14th Jul 2005, 10:21
I disagree with 2). As a Russia, Poland declared war on me, captured two of my provinces but that was all. After two turns they retreated home, provinces were mine and I easily conquered them.

The same with England. Denmark declared war on me and even sent one sloop with one army on board. Well I sank that sloop, built my army and conquered Denmark.

So the A.I. on hard is much more suicidal.

14th Jul 2005, 17:26
Lets find a way to change this then!

Mister Nock
15th Jul 2005, 08:16
I was playing on Hard and my enemy's infantry went and formed lovely little squares for my gunners. God knows why, I didn't even have any cavelry. :confused: Anyway, I shelled him to hell and back of course. :D

I just thought this was very strange, especially on Hard mode, perhaps the enemy C.O was as mad as a box of frogs, it wasn't unknown in those days to have lunatics in command. Not if they had money and/or connections :rolleyes:

15th Jul 2005, 12:16
Actually can someone agree with me on this, Cannon's for some reason don't hurt Squares anymore than Lines?

Mister Nock
15th Jul 2005, 12:33
I've found they are much more damaging to squares than lines, though perhaps they don't anialate squares as swiftly as they should.

Also, it might depend on the type of gun. It's a shame you can't change ammo like you can in naval battles, ie. shot/shell/canister