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21st Jun 2005, 22:06
Battle of the Comic-Book Babes
Sixty-four hunnies vie for the championship and your votes decide who's the hottest.
by Hilary Goldstein

June 20, 2005 - Who's stronger Superman or Hulk? Who's faster Barry Allen or Wally West? Who cares?! The most important comics debate is one we hope to settle with a six-week battle royale tournament -- Which comics-book babe is the hottest?

A sexist question? Certainly. But it's one comic fans have been arguing for decades. We've rounded up 66 hot comic-book ladies (two come in pairs) and now it's your turn to decide who's the fairest of them all. As the summer begins, so does our battle. Though the babes have been picked, only you can determine who moves on and who gets left in the gutter.
Selection Committee
In previous tournaments, we've seeded the entire field, but IGN's celebrity selection committee felt that inappropriate for this competition. See, if we could easily rank these ladies, we wouldn't need a tournament to determine a winner. They are all such close equals that seeding was done completely at random once the competitors were chosen from the large field of hot comic babes.

IGN Comics' selection committee is comprised of three aficionados of sexy ladies. The chairman of the committee, Larry from Three's Company was joined by Glen Quagmire of Family Guy and Dr. Evil of Austin Powers fame. The committee locked themselves in a five-star hotel for three weeks debating the women who deserved a spot in the tourney. If you have a beef, take it up with three three.

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Lara is in the Babes bracket, page 5. Hurry go vote!! :) IGN also has a comic gallery.... one picture of Lara I had not seen.

Klerik of Kaos
23rd Jun 2005, 02:18
Ha ha! Lara has 89.9% and Dagger, whoever she is, only has 10%. HAHA! GO LARA!

23rd Jun 2005, 13:59
How the hell is Mystique beating Kabuki? :(

Yeah, definitely Lara over whoever that is. It's good to see that Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) is ahead also. She's another of my fav. comic figures.

23rd Jun 2005, 14:30
Here is the picture I was talking about...


New to me.

23rd Jun 2005, 14:34
Pretty. Thanks for posting it. :)

23rd Jun 2005, 16:58
Voted. ;)