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21st Jun 2005, 21:38
So, I am here again and I am thinking... I was posting in this forum and I was receiving advices from You, but I know nothing about you. Lets write some info...

About me: :eek:
My name is: Yohny C. (Cowboy) Liar
My real name: Jan HladĂ*k
I am living in Prague in Czech Republic, it is Middle Europe. I hate, If poeple called us Czechoslovakia! I am studying on Univerity of Palacky in Olomouc (in Moravien). I am studying geology. I live here in college.
Age: 21
Birthsday: 15. 12. 1983
My hobbys: I am writer (I wrote many stories in style of Ray Bradbury). I want to write my own Thiefbook with same story like in my missions.
My family: I have two brothers and five sisters. :p I have a girlfriend (Vrony Puck), she is also from Prague.

I met with Thief seven years ago. I played Thief The Mateal Age three times, Thief Dark Project also three times. I will never play Thief Deadly Shadows, because I have slow machine. I played all of ThiefDP FMs and half of ThiefMA FMs.

My machine: Intel Pentium 466 MHz, 128 Mb ram, standart graphic Sis 530, no 3d acceleration, but good sound card...
I love thief because there is many ways how to reach end. And I love combination of swords and electricity. And I am realy thief.

My missions:
Old Bad Felows
The WaterWay Tunnel part 1
The WaterWay Tunnel part 2: Ground Quest

In produce:
Four Weapons
Old Tribe
The Necromancer
Ring of Mages
By the Keepers
Junior's Nightmare
Lost in Somewhere
Br. Yo :cool:

22nd Jun 2005, 16:51
Hey guys, I still don't know anything about you... :confused:

22nd Jun 2005, 19:17
My User name is GORT. (From the movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still"...)
My real name is Shaun M.D. Morin.
I currenty live in Missoula Montana of the U.S.A.
I love to draw, whether its on paper or the computer. I try to make my artwork as real as possible. Also, I love making optical illusions. :D
I play videogames and PC games.
And ever since sluggs showed the program anim8or at ttlg.com, I can almost never stop using that program. :p

Sadly, I have only one FM out there for Thief 2: The Metal Age. :(
"The Mystic Estate (to rob from...)"
This FM is not for beginners! There's a lot of tile floors, booby traps, and a few surprises.

Currently, I'm working on a mission set called "The Rebellion of the Builder". This mission set will have 5 missions in it. So far, I'm trying to finish up the third mission (very big city mission). So much to do in so little time. :(

22nd Jun 2005, 22:08
My name is Robin Collier
My location is listed whenever I post :p
Age 22 (born: 14th September 1982)
Ocupation: Student, with part-time work at a garden centre.
Favourite pasttime (apart from Dromed): Go-karting
Family: 1 Brother, 3 years older than me.
Pets: 5 cats :D
Even my pets have pets: Numerous frogs (unharmed), a few mice (often dead) one or two birds (alive but often die later) and a hedgehog (http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/another_website/jpg/hedgehog.jpg) , which they can't touch because it's too spikey :D

My Thief mission:
All Torc (T2)

In progress:
Stones & Glass Houses (working title - lots of pointy roofs - sequel to All Torc)

Fred Thiefstone
23rd Jun 2005, 00:05
My name is Fred
My location is Pangaea
Age 600 moons (more or less lost count (born under full moon with flowers)).
Occupation: Making flint spear heads as well as arrow heads, knives, and hide scrappers (by night I steal them back and then resale them the next day).
Family: One ripe wife and one ripe daughter (the two of them together make a wrong). One Son looking for someone’s ripe daughter.
Pets: None but the dogs help in the hunt as long as we give some meat.

My Thief mission:
Only my first one C5 “Working The Mines”

In progress:
Thinking about expanding “Working The Mines” to a full mission but for now just working on prototyping ideas to make it work.

23rd Jun 2005, 14:39
Nick: Yandros (the Chaos Lord of life and death from Louise Cooper's wonderful Time Master Trilogy)
Real name: Russ Robbins
Location: Kentucky, USA
Age: 36
Occupation: Software Engineer
Family: Wife, one son (11) with Progeny 2.0 due out in about 5-6 weeks
Pets: 4 cats and many fish (including Hoover, the pleco, and Roger, an 11" goldfish)

Released Missions:
Eastwater Bank
The Burrick's Head Inn
Benny Hill Tribute
The Summit
A Thief's Holiday
Requiem for a Thief

I also lead the team that completed AsyluM's Heist Society.

Under Development:
Death's Cold Embrace
The Circulation of Shadows

Attic/back burner/File 13:
King Abedzen's Tomb
Broad Daylight
Curse of the Carnival (Complete)

John D.
23rd Jun 2005, 16:46
My name is John Head
My Location is Louisiana, USA
Age: 29
Born July 16, 1975
Occupation: Stocking, night shift
Main pastimes: reading, Dromed, watching mixed martial arts events, going to my grandmothers old place on the weekends to shoot targets, riding bicycles on occasion, playing fan missions for Thief and other FPS games.
Pets: none
Family: single, have mom & dad and 1 brother, 1 sister

Fan Missions:
Quick Cash
Brawl in the Tombs
Island of Iron pt1
Island of Iron pt2
Deep Trouble 1
Deep Trouble 2: City Under the Sea
Fanatics Arena

Thief Gold
Burglary in Blackbrook

Current work:
I had begun to learn how to use the D3 editor in order to create maps for the Dark Mod, but my main system died and it will be a few months before I have a new one together so I'm just toying around with a city mission in Dromed right now, no name or story yet.

24th Jun 2005, 05:39
My name is Christine Schneider
My location is Bavaria, Germany
Age: 38
Born: July 22, 1966
Occupation: Housewife and Mama
Family: Husband and two children, Corinna (12) and Lukas (9)
Pets: 2 rabbits and 1 guinea pig

Released Missions:
The Lord Ashton Series (8 Missions)
The Night Falcon (7 Missions)
The Curse of the Falcon (2 Missions)
Mystic Lady
Coterie of Smokers
Bloody Ruins

Current Work:
I'm working on a campaign for System Shock 2. All 9 Levels are beta and Dinksmallwood is working on the English translation.

24th Jun 2005, 09:13
My machine: Intel Pentium 466 MHz, 128 Mb ram, standart graphic Sis 530, no 3d acceleration, but good sound card...
I hate the Sis 530 for graphics. Does your motherboard have an AGP? If so, I think you should get a new video card. The Sis 530 is one of the most crappiest type you can have.

I had one in my old computer that didn't have an AGP. So, I tried to put in a new PCI graphics card. No go! That Sis 530 will always override in the end.
Man, I hope you have an AGP. If you do, you're in luck.

24th Jun 2005, 11:04
Did AGP even exist when the Pentium 466 came out? That motherboard is nearly 10 years old... :D

24th Jun 2005, 20:11
I have realy one AGP, but in there I have net card... And I think, that my graphic card is good (maybe) :p

For new one I have not money, I am just student withowt money.... Life is good.... :rolleyes:

And this is my last post (maybe I will post from my mothers comp, but maybe)... :confused: