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Age of Reason
21st Jun 2005, 20:41
I don't really have the time to sit down and make a truly nice AAR but I would like to share some experiences of my IG experience and I also like hearing about other gamers' experience with their empires as well. Its always good to find out new tactics or just to find someone else who is expanding their own empire at the same rate as you.

So I guess this thread could be to discuss your own AAR's or your own empire building experiences and quirks.

Here is the basic rundown of what I got going so far. My difficulty setting is medium by the way....



These first six years were tough. I was hounded regularly by the Ottoman Empire, Austria, Poland, Sweden, and Great Britain. The Ottomans even took over one of my terroritories and annexed it after we declared peace, which I had to do as I had no resources hardly to defend myself.

Throughout this time, I conquered Sweden and annexed it, only to be kicked out by Great Britain which was a conflict that decimated my poor army only to leave Sweden to its independent self. After this though, the Swedes turned and began to like my empire and after only a couple years of manipulation, I was able to peacefully annex them.


Throughout this time, I was able to build up some infrastructure and get a bigger army. However, with GB's empire stretching to Finland (bordering my new Swedish territory), we erupted into war repeatedly, probably at least three or four times in this time period. We only actually had conflict a few times, maybe five overall battles. Trying to take the territory of Finland proved costly, so I decided to just make peace.

During this time, Austria did its usual tourrette's-style empire building. Its sympathy dropped from about 45% to 0% in about two turns, and I had to pay them off a couple of times not to go to war.


This was a time of peace. I had great economical expansion and I built up my military for years. I was able to have a huge force garrisoned in my Swedish territory for protection against a British attack and to use later on in the game when I decide to take on Britain. I also peacefully annexed the Ottomans, and used force against Egypt to take them out as well, where I began a huge military buildup for my future conquest of North Africa, which is staked by the British, French, and Tripolitania.

When I had reached 1810, I had been trying to declare war on Poland for the longest time. However, the funny intracacies of treaties prevented me from doing so. They were in an alliance with Great Britain and Austria for several years, and sometimes included me in the alliance too. When I got the chance, I took out Poland in three battles and began preparing to take on Prussia.

At this stage, being sometime in 1812, my gold, raw materials, and food production is well stocked. At the same time, my population is still relatively low, with me getting about 800 or so every turn.If I remember the next time I play, I will get a screenshot.

Next on the list is Prussia, then Austria, then the smaller countries left, then France, and finally Great Britain.

But anyway, please share your experiences in your Empire. I'm kind of curious if I'm moving very slow in my conquest compared to others, or not. :)

22nd Jun 2005, 10:35
I'm currently playing as Prussia, and its been a very interesting game. I am presently closing on the end of the second era, but did not record my activities so this is from memory.

My opening ambitions were to assimilate Saxony and Hannover. However, long before this plan got off the ground, Poland declared war on us. So I destroyed the Polish army on the field and occupied the capital. However, this was too early and I had suffered too many losses, so I withdrew. Then, the Russians occupied the undefended Poland for a few turns while I rebuilt my army, but then they moved away for reasons unknown - although Russia has since expanded all the way to Tunisia, so that army probably went south. So, I re-occupied Poland and brought it into the orbit of the mighty Prussia.

Whereupon I was immediately invaded by Saxony, and then Austria. Again I destroyed their armies in the field, and the Russians, with whom I had friendly relations, and an ambitious Moldavia, started to roll up the Austrian territories. I moved out and sued for peace becuase my army needed to be restocked again and the Russians and Moldavians had the matter in hand. Austria has spent the bulk of the game as one-province state periodically pillaged by Russia, who subsequently assimilated Moldavia and all its lands all the way to Venice.

I struck up a defensive alliance with Russia as Hannover was assimilated by the English. I also opened an alliance with Sweden to threaten the English ally, Denmark. Soon, the English declared war and so I immediately invaded Hannover and liberated it from the English crown. This removed my borders with England so we settled down to peace again, although they did acquire Batavia through assimilation. They had also spent a lot of time threatening my Baltic coast and invaded my port a couple of times, but were driven off. So once again I could return to my project - the peaceful assimilation of Hannover and Saxony, with whom I now had defensive alliances.

But not for long, as soon France invaded Hannover, and the Helvetian republic, and acquired Lombardy and Piedmont through assimilation (sans Venice though, still in Russian hands). So once again my armies marched to the liberation of Hannover, this time from the French. However, France had a defensive alliance with both Britain and Russia, which made the political situation delicate to say the least. Fortunately I had enjoyed good trade and treaty relations with Russia for a long time, and our sympathy was in the 70% range, and so they took no part in the war. But the French alliance with GB gave me the opportunity to liberate Batavia and Denmark as well. And, I managed to sail an army all the way to Spain and destroy the French forces there, liberating that country too. All these good works finally tipped Sweden over and they joined the mighty Prussian empire.

Things then went through a dangerous patch as the British-French-Russian alliance had me surrounded, but I was buffered by minor states to the west and presented a serious threat to Russia from Sweden. But at this time I was not willing to pay Britain for peace seeing as I had thrashed them, and so instead took the opportunity to invade Russia, capturing Minsk. I then sued for peace, and formally annexed Minsk, my first bona fide military territorial expansion of the game!

France and GB soon accepted peace as well, and I was able to concetrate on converting Saxony and Hannover, both of which eventually came over, and restocking my army. Now I had 5 capitals and was thus a power to be reckoned with - and I had the troops of Saxony, Sweden and Hannover at my command. There was only use to which they could be put - the occupation of formally-Austrian lands now controlled by Russia. I invaded Galicia and Bohemia and thrust east with my Swedish units to Moscow. The fighting did not go so well, however, and my losses were considerable. I foolishly split the Swedish contingent to try to capture both Moscow and occupy an undefended Izhora, but one of these armies was destroyed trying to retreat from a superior Russian force. After a few months of fighting I sued for peace again, annexing Kursk and Kiev, and retaining Bohemia under subjugation for reasons I don't quite understand.

But peace seemed opportune as I didn't want to get bogged down with all my troops concentrated in the the East. So I soon declared war on France and occupied and annexed Champagne after crushing the French army there, and liberated the Helvetian Republic. GB requested right of passage and made a couple of fruitless attacks on Russia with its Batavian troops.

After securing peace with France, and entering a defensive alliance with the Helvetians, Batavians and English, I declared war on Russia in pursuit of yet more ex-Austrian land. This is roughly where I am at the moment, still manouvering and trying to bring the Russian army to battle without over-committing and exposing my Western borders. At present I have a sizable chunk of land reaching from Champagne to Kursk, and need to start exploiting the Black Sea port that province offers.

Phew. As you can see, there has been quite a lot of fighting with little change in land ownership, bar the rolling up of Austria. As I have remarked, it really is the diplomatic model in this game that makes it an order of magnitude better, and smarter, than it nearest competitors. I have fought battles for much more complex reasons than simply that I wanted the next province, and the structure of alliances and diplomatic action make this both possible and necessary.

Age of Reason
22nd Jun 2005, 17:18
Continued Russian empire...


Funny story.

After taking out Prussia, I decided to go after the Papal States who's sympathy for my nation has NEVER gone above 10% the entire game. However, Austria was in my way so I needed a Right of Passage treaty.

So while conquering the Papal States, my Right of Passage through Austria ended without me realizing it. For some reason, I thought it was for 8 turns, but it was actually just for 4. So, when the turn came around, one of my armies was still in Austria, and it was seen as an act of agression and war followed. (Austria's empire comprised of their own territory and Lombardy which included the Balkans and Greece).

After taking care of the Papal States, my depleted forces were attacked my Austria (I still had plenty of armies in Poland, however, that is about 4 spaces away).

After a few battles, I was able to conquer Lombardy and do a military annexation, which confined Austria's territory back to its original borders. However, these turn of events caused the entire world to pretty much get really pissed at me.

I was forced to make peace with Austria for a gold settlement because France and Great Britain also declared war on me. After one turn, I was able to make peace with them with gold so now the task goes to building up my armies again to conquer Austria, which will probably be in about 8-12 months. I'm also building hospitals throughout the Balkans, Greece, Lombardy, the Papal States and etc to try to get my population return high.

For now, the battle continues....

22nd Jun 2005, 21:46
Here's the current state of my Empire:

Game Type: Score, Medium

Nation: Russia

Current Date: June 1813

Third Era, Government type Republic (would not have done so had I known my heir would leave me, I really needed him to marry the Tripolitan princess, because somehow that minor nation owns all of North Africa)

Territorial Situation: I own Sweden, Denmark, Saxony, Hanover, and Champagne and Wales.

Economic Situation: 1236 Gold, 2305 Raw Materials, 600 pop per turn.

So, you're probably wondering: "WALES? WTF!" Okay, see, in January of 1809, I realized that my score of 600, was nothing compared GB's score of 2050, so I immediately declared war, and fought a battle in the English Channel, and landed three armies (Generals) in the English province of England (London). They had three armies (Colonels) also, but of all riflemen and Lancers. I won the battle with my army of Grenadiers and Dragoons (including two 12-pound cannon batteries) but losses were so horrific (about 80% and both 12-pound batteries) that I had no hope of holding the capital and subjugating GB, so I moved to undefended Wales (there was an army in Scotland), and I sued for peace. It was really cheap, something like 2000 gold--I say it was cheap because I couldn't get GB to look me in the eye without offering at least ten thousand in the turns before.

So I came out with Wales, and in the years that followed I peacefully annexed the kingdoms that were previously under the control of GB (the Scandinavian countries and the low-land nations). I was able to liberate these countries during the war because GB had all her continental forces in the Iberian, battling a suddenly Nationalistic Tripoli, who's been giving all the majors a run for their money. Did you know they can build "Camel Lancers/Marksmen?" In my previous games Tripoli was swallowed up so fast, that they didn't develop much, but now they are truly a power-house.

Sorry I can't write more, the war with GB is the only one I've fought so far. France is subjugated, and Prussia in just hanging on with its capital province, but seems to always be in alliance with either GB or Austria. Austria is a real bear. It owns all of Italy and the Ottoman Empire, and is currently wresting Cairo from Tripoli. It's army is huge, she has three armies on every province that boarders mine--they are mostly Cav armies, but they are some Grenadiers mixed in, and in the interior she has similar armies--at least one in ever interior province. I am hoping that these armies starve out of existence--I know how top heavy those Cav armies can be when I played Austria a few day earlier, so I'm hoping there's some problems.

Currently, my goal is to undermine Austria by building Resistence Cells in its occupied territories. At least until I rebuild my elite armies, I won't stand a chance in a direct confrontation with them.

Azharas Knight
24th Jun 2005, 19:43
Game Type: Medium, Score

Nation: Prussia

Current Date: juli 1793

First Era still


Well, this game started of quite well, my economy was thriving superbly, even though I advanced Trade Branches very late. My alliance consisted of Saxony and after a while Poland. After about 2 years the game really begun. Poland declared war on me. It invaded Silesia with 1 battalion of militia and two of line infantry. My army was quite weak but still I countered easily and when they saw my men coming they fled, I followed but was ambushed losing 177 men, they lost all three militia battalions. Now the remainder of my army entered Poland, which was defended by nothing but 3 militia battalions. They were beaten but it cost me a whole battalion of Lancers. Now began the EXTREMELY SLOW annexation of Poland. I only had about 120 men stationed there and they revolted, a few times really, forcing me to retreat. I returned in force but was now invaded by England, who had Hannover. I beat them easily(2 militia battalions vs 1 lancer+1 musketeers, I left 1 battalion of Musketeers in Poland). I pushed further into Hanover, liberating it, what did very well to my sympathy rating. Hanover was invaded a turn later by France and Annexed. I, finally annexed Poland after 5 more turns and started rebuilding it's military academy and basic barracks. My army was also up to level.

Now something peculiar happened. Austria suddenly lost most of its territory to Moldavia and after the peace with them they were invaded by France who crushed them. With one battalion however they beat 3 full French armies (3 captains). I saw my chance and declared war, taking Bohemia from them. Still I didn't subjugate them, with France and Russia being tanks it might be dangerous and I plan on using them from now on as a tool to defeat Moldavia.

Thats the status now, I made peace with the Austro-Swedish alliance and as I said, I plan on making a coalition with Austria giving them a chance again on regaining territory (and taking some myself).

24th Jun 2005, 20:32
settings: medium
nation: france

I've conquered the world as britain and russia so i decided to move on to france.

Right away spain invaded, so while keeping a DA with my bordering nuetrals I quickly took them out. However, after their annex Britain went on a land grabbing spree in central europe and created a coalition with Denmark against me.

Britain kept feeding a land war with me over their claims on hannover and batavia. After liberating them each twice and pushing britain back into denmark, the nuetral states sympathy for me was so high that i was able to annex, Piedmont, Helv., Lombardy, Hannover, Morocco, Batavia, and Portugal. The hardest part was trying to build the first diplomatic office just so i could annex them.

While this was going on, Britain's forces coming in from Denmark were being chewed up by Bonaparte and Ney stationed in Hanover. It was the perfect time to launch a second front by invading the British Isles. The invasion force was made up of 2 colonels and one captain, with 3 captains in reserve, loaded on to boats after the primary force was on land. Because the war in Hannover had drained their men so badly, the invasion force met with little resistance and settled in for a year long siege. General Davout's excellent management of the siege allowed 3 lancers, 6 line infantry units, and one howiter to routinely fight off superior numbers and prevail. Britain fell in November of 1798.

While this was happening, Austria and Prussia had formed a coalition to take out Russia. Once Russia was subjugated they turned on each other, with Austria dominating and Russia emerging once again holding only their capital.

The stage is set for France's global conquest. Prussia is down to their capital and it borders me. Austria is weakened by constant war and their capital borders me. Russia without a navy will be easily taken by sea. By the year 1801 I'll have easily subjugated all the empires and annexxed all the newly liberated countries.