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21st Jun 2005, 19:43
hello chaps, i have a problem with GB with my population i have plenty of Gold and food and raw materials and i am in my second era , is there any way to boost my population as i am really suffering when it comes to buliding armies and the needed navy to defend GB it takes a number of turns just build a sloop and months just to get a building up and running , and troops etc and mean while prussia and denmark are not my best pals at the moment i cant keep up with them,.and have already landed troops in scotland and ready to take me out all becaues my poplulation is so low, to bulid sloops and troops to defend my nation, i have a pretty good trade line as well , and that does not help to much with the population boost.

21st Jun 2005, 20:12
Don't build sloops. You should never build anything less than frigates. Capture sloops. Or if your patient? You will aquire more than you need from peacefull annexation.

21st Jun 2005, 20:21
Peaceful anexation is the way to gain some extra population,playing as Great Britain its vital that you expand your teritories and its best to do this by peaceful means at first and building hospitals will help too :thumbsup:

5/77 Armd
21st Jun 2005, 20:33
Hospitals hospitals hospitals. This is the only building you can make that increases your population level (plus the hospital upgrades). I've found Great Britain to be the easiest to play because of its natural defense (the big moat!) If you do it right, Britain will never be invaded.

To do this, you need at least two sloops (which you start out with) preferably three. The Master of the Seas quest is a must for Great Britain. You will boost your fleet to five ships without having to build even one! What I've done is stayed idle until I have a decently trained army and a profitable trade level. (I wouldn't even invade until the end of the 1st era or even the beginning of the 2nd era).

I use two ships carrying two colonels and their eight armies to Morocco. This is taken with ease using eight armies, then you just march right down Africa.

The other three ships are most important because they will keep anyone from invading the home islands. Everytime another nation sends one (sometimes two) ships carrying troops towards my island, I move my three sloops out of the harbor and place them wherever the enemy ships are.

They cannot unload until all your ships are out of the sea zone you share. And since they are afraid of losing their armies, they make like Monty Python and "run away...run away...." Easy. (Playing on hard level!)

The Netherlands have tried this once and Denmark twice, always with one or two ships full of men, they haven't declared war on me yet, but were probably going to try a sneak attack. They always leave the moment I move my ships near them. At first they feel emboldened because I have practically no troops in England, but they soon learn the error of their ways.

Never, never deactivate your damaged units even if they're down to one man. And never merge troops unless you absolutely have to. Not until after you complete the Simon Bolivar quest which will bring all your units to full strength (keeping their experience) as well as bringing them up one level. (Fusiliers will become Grenadiers and Light Infantry will become Riflemen!) This even happens if you have not yet researched the advanced Barracks, so this is another indispensible quest that you need to complete.

What I usually do is make a ***** load of fusiliers (and some light infantry) right before I complete the quest. This saves you A LOT of resources and time and makes you very powerful very quick. I think I rambled on a bit past your question, but I hope all this helps!

21st Jun 2005, 21:34
All good advice. But population will remain GB's biggest obstacle. They have it pretty easy everywhere else, though.

25th Jun 2005, 11:17
agree with 5/77 Armd. also, found that what USUALLY works best with GB is to annex Spain before the french do. concentrate on it.

while central europe may bring you more research points, they also bring you in close contact with possible enemies. after winning Master of the seas, you can pretty much build one small army for defense (just in case) and slowly spread you trade routes.

build your school early for the research points which should enable you to build the consulate/newspaper/cultural center. to keep your sympathy high with spain, make sure you get a defensive treaty with them every year. that also helps from letting france pick off some territory. keep close watch on spain's sympathy ratings, give cash if necessary.

the way the game is designed, portugal practically belongs to england, so ignoring it early doesn't seem to detract from the ties.

once spain is yours, THEN annex portugal. you can shift their combined armies (spain and port.) to the french border. there may even be excess militia regiments that you can disband. but most importantly, your population problems will be eliminated once you have hospitals in the better provinces.

by making sure that schools are built in that region ASAP, you can keep a half step up in research.

now make friends with france. this will keep you out of war, and you can concentrate on winning the quests, esp the ones that triple your research points.

THAT will enable you to snag the one that gives you 2 marshalls and their armies which will make england unconquerable for a long time. THOSE 2 armies will/can also be the either the main defense force for iberia or the attacking force for northern europe. (or both)

IF you built all those trade routes to win the quests, then you have cash aplenty. BUY morocco from the french!! build a good force there. THEN, as you get the money, but each neighboring country one at a time from whoever owns it. costs will run 35,000 to 55,000 until you get to egypt. that MIGHT cost you 90,000 from austria, but it's worth it. and the best part is, if you do it along with a nice little navy, you'll be able to shift that moroccan army over to each country and leave a small force in each country left behind. you will be able to see if anyone sends an invasion force by sea, so you usually only have to defend by land.

build 4 armies in egypt and then buy antioch. it runs about 66,000.

pretty much instoppable then... :cool:

12th Jul 2005, 07:08
Yee..that's true..I have once annexed Castile(Spain mainland) and I don't know why for some reasons when French steped onto Aragon and Catalonia. THose two provinces bowed down to France in about 3 turns time..Isn't that crazy? they were all suppose to be part of my British Empire and then once when I fully annexed Castile and I tried to put my forces on Aragon and Catalonia and they wouldn't convert to my land anymore even if I have stay for about 10 turns. Isn't that stupid? and I happened to leave Castile empty for one turn and the French sneaked in with one force and it was liberated so I just lost spain in just one turn which I had previously invested a lot of MONEY on its own infrustacture and Now I lose half of my Spanish Soldiers and the Spain wouldn't let me reconqure again. Isn't that SUCKS :mad:
So Can anyone tell me is there anyway to gain my land back?

12th Jul 2005, 10:28
man, had nearly the EXACT thing happen to me once. i retook those 2 provinces and they wouldn't "restore" back to me.

i played another 12 YEARS!! and still no! :mad:

might be one of those insect thingy's. :(

surprised it happened to someone else...

12th Jul 2005, 11:17
In my current game as GB and playing on hard, my biggest problem is money.. i got plenty of manpower..

I peacefully annexed spain, then Batavia and then Portugal followed by Morocco..

Was very lucky i guess.. Batavia invade the french earlier and annexed a province from them and thx to them keeping french busy i got Spain :)

I attacked Tunesia with the army i got from Morocco anf annexed it by force.. which gave me alot of manpower :)

I got some trade routes but most are internal now because of me taking over those countries..

Im guessing other empires never have a major manpower problem? with all that military annexation going on

12th Jul 2005, 14:43
The easiest way to do well in this game is to take countries that dont border with too many other countries. I found it hard taking Spain and Portugal so i colonised North Africa, crushed the Austrian empire and moved into the rest of europe from behind. That way it was easy for me to build and deploy troops from both directions :thumbsup: