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21st Jun 2005, 13:43
Because i enjoy posting and having salem answer my questions here is another will blood magically dissapear like in contracts or will it be there through the hole level.

21st Jun 2005, 19:10
Ask as much as you like. A pity the forum is somewhat deserted, and only I and the administrator and some other die-hard fans is around to post these days.

They have previously stated that people will notice the blood and investigate around it and follow it if it's spread. 47 will also be able to clean blood. Because of this, i doubt that blood will disappear, since it plays such an important role.

It has not yet been said anything about how to clean up the blood, though. Maybe you have to find equipment for it on the maps, and maybe 47 always has some tissue paper og a sponge or something in his pocket.

Grabbing Garrett
10th Jul 2005, 21:32
It used to piss me off when a guard would just look at some blood and walk away. Kind of killed part of the game for me. This game is so going to own.