View Full Version : Multiplayer Problems

21st Jun 2005, 01:02
I cannot search for game to join on the internet. When I select search I recieve the error " Incorrect IP address." I think it is because my ISP provider is using N.A.T. My current IP address is

Please help.

21st Jun 2005, 01:16
wrong thats not your IP address. That is your router address. You need to find out your real IP address.

21st Jun 2005, 01:19
that is my ip address. I perform the ipconfig command to get it.

21st Jun 2005, 01:20
no trust me thats your local IP address. Only users on your network can see that. Go here to find your real IP address, www.whatismyip.com

21st Jun 2005, 04:27
so why can i not connect or search internet games

21st Jun 2005, 05:59
Dont connect that way, use gamespy arcade.

21st Jun 2005, 06:03
I have never been able to use gamespy. Everytime that i try to browse user room gamespy freezes up.

I appreciate your help.

21st Jun 2005, 09:22
You MUST get Gayspy to work properly. That's the easiest solution.

22nd Jun 2005, 02:09
Is there any way to get it working without Gamepsy? This program really pisses me off: it's loaded with spyware, All Seeing Eye is a better server finding program, but right now it doesn't support IG. Gamespy is even advised against of gamespy's forums by the admins!