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20th Jun 2005, 22:17
The secret doors I'm referring to are the ones that have the same texture as the brush-face they're lined up with.

You can just see the outilne here.

Another example:
Very difficult to see unless you're right up against it.

And now let's see what that sort of thing looks like in real life:
Click to see a real secret door! (http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/another_website/jpg/realsecretdoor.jpg)

How lame is that? Now that door is probably in a 25 year old building, and it's purpose is no doubt to 'not be instrusive' rather than to 'be a secret door' but it demonstrates how pointless it is to make try to make the door look like the surrounding wall.
No matter how well made it is, there will always be a gap between the door and the wall.
And the bick-door is never going to happen.

Therefore there are two better ways to make believable secret doors:
*position/texture it so that in the real world, the gap would not look out of place, e.g.:
(a wood-wood boundry with the same texture is acceptible in my opinion because there are gaps between the planks. You could probably get away with thinking of wood panels in the same way)

When open, you can see where the door is:

Of course an even better method (and more versatile as they don't depend as heavily on terrain layout) is to use a painting or cupboard that covers the doorway. I needn't go into much detail about that because it's fairly self explanatory.

The moral of the story: Make secret doors in Dromed in a way that could in theory work in real life.

21st Jun 2005, 08:55
R Soul: The moral of the story: Make secret doors in Dromed in a way that could in theory work in real life.
:( Awh. But I like making those secrets hard to find. :rolleyes: Maybe next time I'll make a secret door like your first pic so that when it opens, some of the wallpaper gets ripped up a little. That way it will look like the wallpaper was covering the secret door. :p

21st Jun 2005, 09:24
BUT in some Czech castles are secret doors look like on your first picture (with a green/blue texture). There is not gab and door is not visible from very close distance. Trust me! I have no pics, but it is a truth...

And I agree with you, that hiding secret doors behind pictures and cabinets is very much better. (Look like in real life)...

21st Jun 2005, 12:11
Oh, I agree with R Soul. I'm just joking with him a little bit.
No offence, R Soul. :p