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19th Jun 2005, 21:49
Sorry if this is not the time or place,
but having recently brought this game i have been experiencing graphical issues,

The units are fine with perfect details, however, the trees and scenery objects such as buildings and distant land,
however as i get nearer to these object the game shaperns out and focuses on the object perfectly, i am running the Radeon 900 series with up to date drivers, Rome total war and cossacks 2 work perfectly on my computer,

has anyone experienced this problem and knows how too solve it,

thankyou and sorry for any spelling errors,

DoN _ CoRlEoNe

19th Jun 2005, 22:56
I don't get your problem :confused: and don't write like ThIs It Is ReAlLy AnNoYiNg :rolleyes:

20th Jun 2005, 09:27
I don't understand the problem ether :confused:

20th Jun 2005, 12:05
Of course from far away, the landscapes look more blurred, once you zoom in closer, it sharpens out to be with good details, but I really don't get the problem :confused:

20th Jun 2005, 12:20
This is called mipmapping I believe. It's not a bug or anything, it's something all games have. :)

21st Jun 2005, 14:09
This is an ingame screenshot,

http://img51.echo.cx/img51/2578/imperialglory9wb.jpg (http://www.imageshack.us)

As you can see the trees and outlineing scenery are choppy and out of focus,

Is this normal for the game, is this mipmapping,
who els experiences this problem or could it be a problem with my graphics card,

also im using an imported game from Tailand, but i doubt that makes a differents,


21st Jun 2005, 15:19
No......this is not normal.

21st Jun 2005, 16:18
If you professionaly look at graphics card, the only proper latest Radeon card, is the ATI Radeon 9800 XT. It might be a graphics card problem here, OR try another new game, because it might be a problem with the game itself or something conflicting in Windows. So try another new game, but definitely, it's not supposed to be blocky. :thumbsup:

21st Jun 2005, 16:26
CLose up though its perfect, when you get closer to the trees or whatever object is bloky like buildings, its perfect,
Rom Total War works perfectly, my computer is about 2 years old

1024 ram
3000 ghrts
Radeon 9200

Im pretty sure i have the latest drivers, this is the first problem of this kind i have had with a game, the units are perfect and beautifully detailed, but this kinds of ruins the atmosphere,


22nd Jun 2005, 15:32
anyone got any idea, or is there another forum that might help me out,
because i love this game, but this is a let down,
but thanks anyway, i guess you guys have the game and are having too much fun too help me out, :(


23rd Jun 2005, 00:43
Not really, I am just busy sorting out my university problems :mad: hmmm, i really don't know dude :confused: it is obviously a graphics issue, but I really don't know what :(

23rd Jun 2005, 01:45
I had the same problem with other games. I downloaed the latest Cat drivers from ATI, and the problem was fixed. When I say, new drivers, I mean in the past few weeks, so maybe you downloaded just as they changed, and didn't get the "new" ones. Try there. If it that doesn't work, send them a screenie, they are nice people, and will tell you how to fix it, or they'll get someone to work on the drivers to fix the issue in a forthcoming release.

23rd Jun 2005, 02:32
I can play this game on a 9200 with the settings all the way up, so it can't be the graphics card. I can also play it without the latest drivers (4.9), so it can't be the drivers. I just don't know....

23rd Jun 2005, 20:44
I wanna thank you guys for your help,
I went onto the ATI site and downloaded the latest catalyst drivers to my Radeon,
And, perfecto! It works as good as ever now, :thumbsup:
Im really impressed with the way the forums operate here, and the sense of community, though small, is very strong,
I look forward to playing this game through the early hours of the night ;)
thankyou for all of your help,