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19th Jun 2005, 09:49
1. In sea/land battles in there anyway to speed up time?

2.On the campaign map everyone always attacks me, my sympathy get really low i dont know what to do.
Im prussia btw and its always austria and russia that attack then everyone joins in against me!

Azharas Knight
19th Jun 2005, 10:22
1. You can't, battles only take about 8 minutes anyways so it isn't needed.

2 .Don't take Poland(but try being faster than Russia, this is an early target of theirs) and Hannover(France will always attack it) right away.
Try to concentrate on peacefull annexations.
Buy Austria in your defensive alliance so it can't attack you.(then milit annexations are doable too)

Lord Nergal
25th Jun 2005, 20:01
Land battles take a short time to end and there are a lot of things to manage in land battles.
But sea battles last for a very long time, particulary if you have 1 vs 1 ship.
I spent over 30 minutes trying to sink an enemy ship as we went around in huge circles ocasionally fiering. There is really nothing to do, the turns take a lot fo time.