View Full Version : One more opinion about IG to add to list.

18th Jun 2005, 15:32
I wrote alot of words, and then i thought i could resume it.
I am happy i rented this game for 24 hours at a shop for 2,50 €uro instead of buying it for 60$ and saving alot of money. IG is more near to be an Alpha than a finished game, not many bugs but still. Its a good game for Risk' lovers afther all.
Those that say R:TW and IG arent the same game, thats obvious but they both have the same concept: RTS/TBG. IG has very good diplomacy but in my honest opinion, R:TW > IG.
I hope Eidos do a better job with the next Commandos. I would like to see other opinions about it.

* I am not english, correct me if i wrote something wrong or just forgive me :P