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18th Jun 2005, 02:15
Does'nt this story sound familiar. I was watching a black film called "Paid In Full" The main character got a grip of money for selling drugs and now his gf is pregnate. He is basically having a family and his friend freeze wants to get more money from drugs before they quit. (reminded me of 25TL) Then when his friend got caught guess what his sentance was? "25 To Life" I realize the actual game is in the West-Coast and so is the creator guy the 1 from LA but their storyline might be similar. If Im wrong about somthing feel free to tell me I dont always pay attention in movies.

18th Jun 2005, 21:54
i've never seen that movie, so its all gravy for me, the story seems pretty sick, i just wish the cop levels were optional

21st Jun 2005, 04:38
i watched that movie 2

21st Jun 2005, 16:50
i got dat dvd