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17th Jun 2005, 15:21
Nice big 6 page article about Tomb Raider at 1up.com plus notes from the writer.... :) Take a look.

Notes from the writer, Jeremy Parish....

Jeremy's Blog

tarnished legend
posted at 06/16/2005 07:13 PM EDT
Our new Tomb Raider feature, Tarnished Legend, is up. This was a bit of an experimental piece -- it draws just as heavily on achival information as it does on my Toby Gard E3 interview.

Something that's always bothered me about gaming media is that we have this tendency to pretend that other publications don't exist. If we didn't break the news, it didn't happen! That's the general mentality, meaning that we either ignore information from competitors and peers, or else gloss over it without explicitly quoting or crediting them.

I can understand why things are that way; after all, it's not like what we're writing about really matters. If video games vanished from the face of the earth tonight, a bunch of people would be out of work, but the human race would carry on regardless. Getting an Xbox 360 exclusive first-look is all well and good, but it's not quite on par with breaking news that terrible misdeeds are happening in the White House. We cling tenaciously to our precious exclusives, hoping to offer readers some delicious morsel of information before it shows up in other pubs.

And that's all fine, but I have this huge stack of magazines at my desk that collectively paint an interesting chronology of the medium and industry over the span of 15 years or so. Mostly they're Ziff-Davis publications, but not entirely. As I wrote this feature, I wanted to incorporate others' perspectives on the series, to paint a clear picture of how people responded to Lara's gradual slide from the pinnacle of the industry -- in their words, from when it was happening. I found lots of juicy info in old EGMs and OPMs and CGWs. But thinking back, I realized that some of the best tidbits of Tomb Raider information I'd read back in the day was in Next Generation or even PSM. So I actually (gasp) dug into those back issues as well and came up with some unique facts and quotes that helped strengthen the article.

This isn't really a big deal, but it seems to be a pretty uncommon approach in the gaming press. I think the resulting feature is much, much stronger than the subjective "Yeah Tomb Raider was good but then it was crap!" it would have been without the support of citations. I dunno. It's not a perfect article or anything, but hopefully it's both informative and different enough to be worth a read. It even has an upbeat ending, just for fun.

I'll be curious to hear reader reactions: Do people like this sort of thing, or would we be better sticking to our own resources?


The article....

Can Lara Croft win back the hearts of disenchanted gamers?

by Jeremy Parish 06.16.2005

Characters are the heart and soul of gaming. All but a handful of the most popular series are the ones with a memorable face attached. Be it the harmless goofiness of Mario's posse or the stoic blankness of Halo's Master Chief, a carefully-crafted icon is often the key to a game's success.

It's this truism that glutted the 16-bit gaming industry with second-rate Sonic wannabes; this philosophy that leads Sony Online Entertainment to place scantily-clad elf girls on the cover of every EverQuest product. Yet only a tiny handful of characters have truly made it to the point of true pop-culture celebrity: The point at which even non-gamers recognize their names and faces. Pac-Man, Mario, possibly Sonic in happier times. And one other, born at the dawn of the 32-bit era -- Tomb Raider heroine Lara Croft.

The fame commanded by Lara is only partly the result of the games she's starred in; equally vital has been clever (if sometimes controversial) marketing by her corporate owners, Eidos Interactive, and the fact that Lara has put in two silver screen appearances courtesy of Angelina Jolie. Rock superstars U2 splashed her image across larger-than-life Jumbotrons as part of their Popmart tour; Generation X scribe Douglas Coupland wrote a book about her. She's been seen on countless magazine covers -- but unlike most game characters, those publications include Entertainment Weekly and The Face. Mention Lara Croft to anyone and they'll immediately know who you mean. A self-confident, buxom adventurer who's more likely to solve a problem with her wits than with the twin pistols that serve as her trademark.

Strange, then, that to most gamers she might as well be nobody.

Ask gamers about her upcoming adventure, Tomb Raider: Legend, and you'll find mostly apathy. Search for Tomb Raider fansites and you'll be hard-pressed to find many that weren't abandoned years ago. The shine is well and truly off Lara's star, and Eidos has gone from being one of the powerful companies of the 32-bit era to a nearly-bankrupt venture that was shopped around until SCi Entertainment finally nibbled.

How did it come to this? How have two former powerhouses fallen so far? And more importantly, what is Eidos doing to make its former superstar attractive to its audience again?

READ MORE at 1up.com (http://appsrv-2.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3141388)

17th Jun 2005, 15:55
Just read the whole article... guess what was said on page 6? "Eidos is hoping to ship the game this holiday"... :D :D

17th Jun 2005, 16:36

Klerik of Kaos
17th Jun 2005, 17:09
Which holiday??? I don't want to wait until the end of the year.... That is way too long of a wait for me and I have a limited amount of patience... But by the looks of this game, it looks like it worth the wait! :thumbsup:

Mangar The Dark
17th Jun 2005, 17:28
Which holiday??? I don't want to wait until the end of the year.... That is way too long of a wait for me and I have a limited amount of patience... But by the looks of this game, it looks like it worth the wait! :thumbsup:

Why does the above quote remind me so much of something somebody might have posted about AOD several years back?

17th Jun 2005, 17:33
Yes I remember that... then it was delayed how many times? 3?

17th Jun 2005, 17:51
Ignore it! Ignore it! *rushes in, escorts offending delay speculation away* :D :p

So, ummmm, long article, eh? :D ;) No really! :D

17th Jun 2005, 19:01
Not a fan of reading paragraphs of info, instead I tend to read one word from each paragraph, thus extrapolating the essence of the article. This is what I read.....

Experimental tendency toward news, general games, exclusive information, huge series Tomb Raider; crap reactions. :confused:

17th Jun 2005, 23:21
Beautifully punctuated, dhama; I particularly enjoyed your use of the semi-colon. ;)

18th Jun 2005, 12:32
LOL suzieq :D