View Full Version : AI Getting Stuck

17th Jun 2005, 14:20
I was playing a infantry battle earlier today the AI had 2 or 3 groups of calvary with 2 groups of infantry.

I had 3 groups of infantry 1 group of calvary and 2 6 pounders so I put all my infantry in square formation and positioned the calvary in the rear with the cannons in the center.

The Calvary soon charged my infantry took heavy losses, withdrew, turned around, charged again, took heavy losses, withdrew etc this went on for about 10 minutes before the calvary was all destroyed, meanwhile the infantry had just stopped.

I immeditly moved my troops into a line formation to counter what I beleived would now be a infantry rush which I wasn't 100% sure my guys could hold upto as they had taken lots of casulties from the calvary but they never came.

So after a few minutes I circled around and came got my self into the high ground then slowly advanced my two lines of infantry until I was in range then I started shooting and they just dropped one by one like they were being executed?

I probably would have lost the battle if the infantry had attacked my forces or even offerd a little resistance to my counter attack but they just sat there and fell one by one?