View Full Version : Skewed AI Build priorities?

17th Jun 2005, 13:39
Enjoying the game although I have to question the build priorities given by the developers to the AI.

My second full campaign, on Hard as the Prussians with Total Victory goal. Year is now 1820 something, only France and England remain in the game, the front line goes through Brandenburg, Saxony, Austria, Papal States, Morrocco. Not many wars (other than mine to remove Russia and Austria, then England from Africa) so provinces should have had plenty of time to build infrastructure and troops.

Plenty of troops around, all provinces have at least two and usually three full armies with Colonel/Captain plus troops in Garrison where allowed.

The problem is this. All visible armies compose almost exclusively of Light Infantry and Artillery. Admittedly, some of these are Tiralliers/12 pounders but even so there seems to be no line infantry, grenadiers, cavalry or guards anywhere.

Now this makes it difficult to have anything like a real battle, especially with the AI's propensity to charge madly at the first provocation. Artillery in the centre backed up by infantry, lights and cavalry to the flanks. Bombard until they charge, withdraw arty, advance infantry, volley, charge, pepper with the lights and coup de grace with cavalry.

I do hope I don't find this repeated in every province, I appreciate that elites will be few and far between due to their limited build centers but why does the AI never seem to build standard troops?

Time to learn Spanish and get modding I suppose!

17th Jun 2005, 15:20
The AI builds whatever it can at the time but they don't replace outdated troops.

I'm playing on meduim and Russia has very strong army of heavy infantry lots of arty and cavalry they also seem to have lots of generals.