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16th Jun 2005, 21:58
I wish the forums had a search facility.

Anyway...I have a ship at 68% integrity. Does anyone know how to repair the damn thing. The REPAIR button is greyed out. It would've been useful for the developer to leave the button activated and, when you click it, it informs you what is needed to repair it.

I can't find any info on repairing ships in the manul...so I don't know if I lack the resources and, if so, what resources...I don't know if I should have a specific kind of port...I don't know if I should have some research performed.

Any ideas? Also...if anyone knows how to search these forums, let me know.


16th Jun 2005, 22:06
I believe it has to be in or adjacent to a province with a naval port improvement (as opposed to a merchant port). And you have to have enough cash, resources and men.

A damaged ship will have a red "saw" icon over it. The icon will turn blue when you are adjacent to a qualifying port. Right click on the unit and, if you have sufficient resources, the Restore button will be highlighted.

16th Jun 2005, 22:28
Thank you...now repaired thanks to taking over Spain AND receiving the Ship quest (whatever one that was).

I had to get 4000 gold etc etc. I had nowhere near enough until I took over Spain. After that, I grabbed the Conquest and got a military port in each of my countries where there was a port AND a Sloop! All free of charge!


17th Jun 2005, 08:49
Any ideas? Also...if anyone knows how to search these forums, let me know.


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