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16th Jun 2005, 14:45
From the first trailer and some screenshots I saw that there was something like a "bullseye" that appeared in many parts in the first trailer but then I heard about that it was something for the developers and it will not be in the game when it comes out , but really got thinking about this "untold" feature when I saw the gameplay footage by gamespot , you can see lara streching one hand when she was jumping to a rope , how did she know there was a rope ? in previous games she just strech both hands as if she was going to hang to a ledge so I thought about it and this is what I think:
Probably Lara in the new game will be aware of the enviroment around her , I think its kind of "targeting" elements in the enviroment as she targets enemies , if you notice in the first trailer the bullseye thing was on platforms that Lara was going to jump to , this will also explain what was said before about how Lara will not be stupid enough to fall off a cliff , probably because she can't target anything useful by jumping off that cliff , also how in the new game you will not have to take two steps back before jumping you will just run and jump while Lara takes care of the rest , may be because she will know how far the ledge I'm trying to get to is and she'll figure out how to get there.
So what do you thing?

16th Jun 2005, 16:11
So what do you thing?

I don’t think you want to hear about my thing. :p

16th Jun 2005, 20:42
Hi xbaa.

Have you seen GameSpot's Riley Cooper interview from E3? I think he talks about it more in the interview.

Klerik of Kaos
19th Jun 2005, 20:22
Speaking of which, I was watching a trailer the other days, but the one I saw on the off. website, it only showed a bullseye when she aimed at an enemy. So will that be in the game or was that just for the developers as well?

19th Jun 2005, 21:37
One thing should be clear about this "bulleye". Also it may not visible in the game, it may still active. In easy words: It is possible that Lara cannot fail (jumps, shots etc.), 'cause an hidden "automatic", a too perfect engine.
CD said anything like: To pervent frustration/s...
An "automatic" (always on and too good) would be frustrating. Like a bullseye, hidden or not!