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15th Jun 2005, 13:38
I've been dying to play Lego Star Wars, but so far no luck-- my PS2 simply will not read the disk. I've exchanged the game with the store, still no go.

I have more than 50 games and about 200 DVDs that play just fine in my PS2, anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

20th Jun 2005, 08:01
I bought my son the Lego Star Wars game and we had the original PS2 and it would say that it couldn't read the disc either. We went to a game store and they said that some of the PS2's couldn't read it so we tried it on my son's friend's PS2 console (the flat one) and it worked perfectly. So we went to trade my son's console for the newest PS2 and now it does read it. But now we are having the problem that when my son got to Episode III Chapter 5 the game freezes on him. So now we are trying to get that resolved, we have exchanged the game 2 times and still same problem.

So if you have a friend or know someone who has a PS2 the newer one (flat console) have them try your game and then you will know if it's the game or your console that can't read the disc. I was told that the older PS2's can't read the game discs with the blue backing on them and Lego Star Wars disc has a blue backing.

Hope this helps

23rd Jun 2005, 19:57
It does, but it also makes me angry-- why on earth would I not assume that any PS2 game wouldn't play in my "old" system??

There should be some sort of marking on the outside of the package stating that the game is on a "blue disk" or "may not be compatible with all PS2 consoles."

12th Sep 2005, 01:57
Uh... the older ps-2's CAN definitely boot up a blue disc. It's another problem. Blue Discs mean the game is on CD, Silver/Gold discs means the game is on a DVD. Most of the early PS-2 games that I bought when it first came out were on CDs, Blue Discs, with no problem, Thus no need to put "may not be compatible with all ps-2s".