View Full Version : Mics??

15th Jun 2005, 11:29
Are you gonna be able to use a Mic in this game for online play
like socom2???
you better be able to use a mic, this game is gonna be trash if you cant
becuz there will be no communication/trash talkin :mad:

someone PLEASE TELL ME!!! Will you be able to use a microphone in online play?!?!?

15th Jun 2005, 14:17
no durr..theres gonna be a mic

15th Jun 2005, 14:53
Dang man cut em some slack you asked the same exact question accept can you use mics in the lobby. :rolleyes:

15th Jun 2005, 16:52
yeah, i dunno if all the old threads about the chatting are still up or not but it was covered before

but in case not, yes there is mic support in this game