View Full Version : Are there any differences between civilizations?

15th Jun 2005, 11:10
Hi everybody:
Recently I read in this forum that military units of different countries in IG have the same statistics; for example, English dragoon is exactly as good as French Dragoon; or Austrian Hussars are as good as Prussian hussars....
Then, I wonder what military differences are there between different nations?.
Has each nation its own technological tree?.
I wait for your answers.

Lt. Kyuzo
15th Jun 2005, 11:51
Each nation has the same research tree and tend to fight in the same manor but in the main game on the turn based part i have found that the AI of different countrys do tend to act differntly apart from that i see no real differnce apart from the colour of uniforms.

(sorry for bad spelling, ive had a bad day)