View Full Version : My cats have not eaten me...

14th Jun 2005, 20:38
Just thought I would say hallo. I am doing the public drudge again, so my airtime is significantly reduced (years?? - wh-where am i?) Believe it or not I am still working on Maguire 2 (although I went on hiatus for a year). I still have as much fun with Thief 2 as ly Shadows (but the graphics are fire fire fire!). Glad to know the forum survives. :cool:

T3 Editor!......((((whhhoooooshhhhh))))

John D.
14th Jun 2005, 23:13
Good to hear from you! Any timetable on when we might see Maquire 2? :)

21st Jun 2005, 15:09
I'm looking at 3 months, so knowing at how time goes with Dromed, shall we say six? :p