View Full Version : My 2 cents...on the XB version

14th Jun 2005, 07:53
If anyone is keeping track of these sorts of things, I thought I’d put my 2 cents in. First off, I love Crystal Dynamics games and Pandemonium is one of my wife’s favourite all-time games (but I digress)

Project Snowblind (played on Xbox) was awesome; I had a complete blast the whole time and played it incessantly until complete. The engine, sound and gameplay were top-notch.

I think the glaring problem was a lack of a difficulty selection. The whole thing is just too damned easy. I never feared for my life and could run in to the midst of many bad guys and come off barely hurt.
I think this would have been an easy inclusion, no?
Thanks for the great game CD…please make the sequel harder. J
(oh and did I mention that the stereo sound is reversed…and no it is not my speakers) J