View Full Version : Who plays IG online

13th Jun 2005, 14:37
I'm just wondering where all the players from this forum are...

13th Jun 2005, 20:03
Dont you need gamespy to play online in IG?

13th Jun 2005, 23:46
Where's the option for I want to but I can't because of a bug that shows no signs of being fixed?

14th Jun 2005, 17:41
yes, you need Gamespy
oh forgot that Option Benj :eek:

15th Jun 2005, 00:45
I would like it if you all come online sometimes to play. :thumbsup:

16th Jun 2005, 09:13
Had two superb games for the first time yesterday. Superb, So much better to play changeable tactics and at last...good tactics. A very good experience. The strange thing is, it's quite likely that some ppl will play this to death and reach the point where they are bored with it. without ever having played Online !

16th Jun 2005, 09:33
yes, you need Gamespy
oh forgot that Option Benj :eek:

There, better now? :)

16th Jun 2005, 10:37
sure, thanks

16th Jun 2005, 11:54
A SHAME :mad:

The team game is bad... Why only one army and such a disappointing control !
Graphics are really not beautiful.
And I see only 4 players in network or 5 on gamespy.
I hate to play with if few units, it is ridiculous to attack a country with 120 men which joke.
Who make fun of the players at this point? :mad:

20th Jun 2005, 22:00
I hate gamespy with a passion. I love IG, but I wont drag myself down to get gamespy again :mad: