View Full Version : Come On..

13th Jun 2005, 08:58
Well is there or is there not going to be a patch....a yes or no will do.if there is FIX the Guns...to many big guns

13th Jun 2005, 13:06
Next year damn :confused: :confused: :confused:

I thought we were looking at a few months surely they should patch the game asap then they could release an expansion for IG next year :confused:

Azharas Knight
13th Jun 2005, 13:09
he's j/k, it'll be up soon enough

13th Jun 2005, 13:19
I hope so :confused:

13th Jun 2005, 13:21
Pyro are going thru all the feedback gathered from the forums, and from the QA department, and are working out what is possible, plausible to fix in a patch.

Once i have any information you will be informed


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