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13th Jun 2005, 00:04
Hi, my offers to improve realtions are always denied. To test it , in my campaign were i held all nations except for france i offered them and improve realtions check for 50,000 gold and it was refused! How does this diplomacy option work?

13th Jun 2005, 14:12
Ive been having simmilar problems with the diplomacy screen. At one point I offered 10,000 gold for 2000 food and not a single country on the map would accept it.

Ps. When on the comercial treaty screen when u say select to offer 1000 raw materils a value in gold comes up in the lower right screen. Is this the value of the products? if so I can't seem to get anyone to buy for even half that value.

13th Jun 2005, 14:33
Bigger/ More........is not always better. Try small amounts. :cool:

13th Jun 2005, 18:30
That's a good point, try selling 400 or 500 at a time ;)

14th Jun 2005, 01:45
it doesn't work that often, but....

check the little box at the lower right to see what they think of the offer. THEN go check the stats charts to see if they really need it.

IF you offer something that a country REALLY needs, go 15 - 20% above the suggested (?) amount.

if you're England and rich ( :D ), try offering 300 - 400 % above it.

you're best bet to improve relations seems to be thru commercial treaties. find out what they have in excess and buy some, or offer bundles of cash for something you really need. just pay real close attention to what THEY think the deal is worth! ;)

if you offer at least 250% above what the deal is worth to them, at the least, they USUALLY are polite when they say no and relations don't suffer.

and NEVER turn down an offer made to you unless you have to! hit negotiate instead! :cool:

14th Jun 2005, 11:05
The best way to improve relations is to give them money then sell them food or raw to get your money back they will buy it even though they don't need it :)

And "liberating" minor nations when you do that everyone love you

14th Jun 2005, 13:54
And "liberating" minor nations when you do that everyone love you

That is the main problem in this game....... it gives 15% simpathy for all map and few turns later you can go conquer the nations you liberate and have no penalization......

With peacefull anexation game has no chalange, even in hard...... it shoulded be a lot more difficult to get simpathy (only investing hard in buildings shoulded grant so big simpathy).....