View Full Version : Quick battle questions

12th Jun 2005, 19:16
Got a few questions I have yet to figure out...

1: Is there a level where it is TOTALLY open plain a nd no defensive positions?

2: Is there a way to save quick/history game scores and quick game setups?

3: How do I maneuver all my men into a straight line?

Azharas Knight
13th Jun 2005, 10:57
1. Don't know, Marocco is almost completely open except for a fortified hill, you can take defense yourself and just go for the enemy.
2. Using screenshots works. Press the Print/scrn/sysRq button twice, then go with alt-tab to MS Paint and press ctrl-v. That's how I do it atleast.
3. Well, at the start of quick battles you can put everyone in one straight line easily but otherwise it's quite difficult.

13th Jun 2005, 12:25
I can't stand that! The computer can easily do this but it's so hard for the player...

15th Jun 2005, 05:05
There is a map that starts with letter (A) its part of Portugal I think and it’s basically flat on the beach you can get a good flat battle there. :D