View Full Version : For tha Brawlers ::Malee::

11th Jun 2005, 19:13
yo, i know you can pound catz with batz, but really, you cant be a gangsta and not brawl :cool: ...come on, there's gotta be some hand to hand combat in this game some where.... is there? :confused:

11th Jun 2005, 19:53
there goin to be some fighting online thats go be tight

11th Jun 2005, 20:00
i would imagine that there's going to be hand to hand fighting in this game, otherwise you'd be screwed if you didnt have any weapons

11th Jun 2005, 20:06
yea so its like all around stuff

11th Jun 2005, 22:39
I hope there's knifes and sneek up on someone from some the back...and slash them.

12th Jun 2005, 03:42
from what ive been reading...u start out with a certain gun..nd then u run around nd pick weapons up..

12th Jun 2005, 03:44
its cool that makes it even to me

12th Jun 2005, 04:29
even still, if you're a retard and run out of ammo, and get run up on by an enemy before you get to another gun, that could end badly