View Full Version : Women Chars???

11th Jun 2005, 16:51
:eek: ...ok now we all know...mainly men play games like this..but we all know theres a few hardcore women out there....i know that one of the main characters is a police woman.....but are there women chars online too?...that'd be cool..maybe sum of yall would show mercy nd let em blast u while u try to arrest em...er whatever...but i just wanted to know..it'd be cool to have women too... :cool:

11th Jun 2005, 16:56
yo man i will blast them women wig off :D

11th Jun 2005, 18:22
lol...i'm sure there will be a woman gangsta, just because there's a female PO. Can't wait to see the "STRIP SEARCH"..... :D

11th Jun 2005, 18:24
haha..o yehhhhh :thumbsup:

11th Jun 2005, 20:03
strip search me im go beat her with a bat

11th Jun 2005, 20:04
u a nasty thinking dude man :D :D :D

11th Jun 2005, 20:08
i know man it go be nasty when all yall bodys be laying around

11th Jun 2005, 20:09
you mean when all THEM boys lying around...yall aint gon kill me...im gon be "the" killer of that game

11th Jun 2005, 22:37
ive never thought of that...i hope they do...cuz i got a female in my clan

12th Jun 2005, 04:40
some female characters would be a nice addition. aint gonna get no mercy from me

question: what do ya call a lone female cop?
answer: a damned joke