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11th Jun 2005, 09:35
Sup Guys,
i have seen something here b4 that said that a BETA won't come out for this game. That is was being done "IN-HOUSE". As a G.A.P member i looked there to but nothing, this was off a post in the eseals forum (The Battlefield Section). said something about the 1st 4000 players (just posted yesterday). this a rumor? maybe someone using a sneaky way to promote 25TL ? lol. thanks for any updates on this.

11th Jun 2005, 09:50
You said that you had a question. Where's the question?

11th Jun 2005, 13:30
Ya, I got skipped on the beta as well...

the GAP sends me demo discs every month for crappy games... but when I actually WANT to play something, denied.

12th Jun 2005, 10:08
Like i said, i remember a Forum Mod said everything was done in house. So when i seen this i was looking to signup. But hey what can you do. thanks for the quick reply.

Basically, every publisher and developer has an internal test team for every project. When people asked me 7months ago about Beta testing, the only testing going on was internal. Never meant there wasn't the possibility of something like a closed beta. Eidos has run closed beta tests with Sony in the past, so it's not unlikely that it would occur again.

13th Jun 2005, 16:24
I got the email for betatesting last thursday. I'm not sure if it means I'll get to betatest, or if they're just collecting names?? 4,000 seems like alot of people!

You have been invited to participate in the public beta test for Eidos’ 25 TO LIFE for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

To be considered for this beta test, please complete your application by clicking on the APPLY NOW button below. Space is limited to the first 4,000 completed applications, so submit yours today!

After clicking the APPLY NOW button below, read the terms of the agreement, and then click ACCEPT. PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive a confirmation email. We will not send out Acceptance Notifications until all applications are processed. We ask that you be patient, and please submit only once.

(you have to sign in, so no use in giving you guys the url)....

13th Jun 2005, 19:15
Ok, So now the beta test for 25TL seems real. I'm a GAP member but i never got a email about it (With 4000 getting selected, i'd think all GAP members would of got this email. Then the 1st 4000 to reply get a shot. I know my account is working. UNDERGROUND just send me a cool G.AP. cap 2 weeks ago.) I'd think members here EIDOS FORUM would get a heads up or something, Being were here reading and posting AND PROMOTING the 25TL game was well. i told my Clan guys about it and i'll get it covered at a few websites. This STINKSS, the guys that want to play it can't, and those that don't even know what it is get the chance, sounds backwards. Maybe Player's that WANT to play it will give a better review, other that it never getting opened and a review of who know's what. If anyone finds a link outside a email let me know please.

13th Jun 2005, 19:47
i was just at UNDERGROUND, found this post. So it looks like SOON the BETA will be out. Hope a Few guys here get it. But i'm not sure how much they can post.

OHHHHHHH! I just checked my Email and enrollment for this game has ended. I was too late. I should check my email more often. Heh, that sucks for me. Congrats to all who got.