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Napaleonic blitzkrieg
10th Jun 2005, 22:34
How do you line up empires from easiest to hardest and why?
Mine would be:
1. Great Britain: ideal strategic position, limited invasion, big economic and naval potential, main handicap land army creation, invasion of inland.
2. Mother Russia: good starting position, good military potential, but problems with economy
3. France: not a bad starting point, ability to field a large army and gain much experience, neutral countries ripe for invasion
4. Austria: hard starting position and lack of navy
5. Prussia: hardest starting point with only 3 territories, enemies all around Prussia, if you're not careful with diplomacy.

So what is your opinion and arguments?

11th Jun 2005, 10:06
Well i've only played with Great Britain so far.Its interesting i just read another thread where someone said England are the hardest nation because it takes so long to develop and many think Prussia is best because of its great resource advantage.

I agree with you Britain is easy being an island all you need is a strong navy to defend you :thumbsup:

11th Jun 2005, 13:57
I would swicth up france and good ol russia. France gets more raw materials later in the game and the austrains with one swoop can take out half of your army.

12th Jun 2005, 05:52
After playing Great Britain in my first game, I'm now in the middle of a campaign as Prussia. Big difference. GB was fun but pretty easy, at least on Medium. Prussia, though, is giving me a real challenge. I'm doing well but fighting for everything. I've been DOWed by Russia, Austria, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Saxony, Poland, Moldavia - and it's not even 1800! Great fun!

12th Jun 2005, 20:35
On one recent occaion, as Russia, I was DOW'd successively by: Ottomans, Moldavia, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Prussia, France, Spain, GB. heck, Spain couldn't even SEE me. This was all before 1798 and all before any of the wars except Poland were concluded. You have to play a long, cautious game when the AI gets huffy like that, but by judicious retreats and concentration of forces, I ended up the total victor in 1808. The entire game went by without a single second era unit being built--there was just no time or money for it. I never even built a second level building. I never accepted peace except once, with Moldavia, who DOW'd me again three turns later (but I got their boatload of much-needed cash to build hussars with.) The biggest problem was to generate enough extra bodies to mil-annex the defeated. If I couldn't spare them, I left them. (It takes neutrals a long time to build a force unless you give them a resistance army.) Most battles were 3-6 units per side and militia never went away.

Next game was all peace and tranquil diplo-annexing, wherein I got so much cash I simply bought whatever provinces my rivals captured. (best Buys: Hungary, Minsk, Algarve, Moscow, Saxony)

Oddly, Austria has an advantage in both kinds of games--cheaper basic units and consulates at the start.

"How is it that if the AI has four batteries and a Light infantry and I have three lancer squadrons, and if I autoplay the battle, I lose with minimum damage to his army?"