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10th Jun 2005, 15:29
I notice that my land units gain red crosses after battle. I can find nothing about this in the manual, Unless someone can direct me to the right page.

Am I correct in assuming that the units can be repaired in the same way that my Naval units can be. The RESTORE button remains greyed out no matter what I try to do with the unit. The only thing I havent tried to do is return a unit from Mainland Europe to England to try Restoring at the acadamey that originally produced the unit.

Can someone advise me please.

Thank you


10th Jun 2005, 15:35
First of, if you want to use the restore button you need to do

1) go on the autocracy research path
2) research military hopsitals
3) build the military hospital
4) press the restore button on units with a Blue cross

If you just want to tidy up your units you can do the following

1) Select a unit with a red cross
2) Hold down the left mouse button of a dammaged unit and then drag that unit over another unit of the same type, Repeat until satisfied :)

10th Jun 2005, 15:35
Only autocratic governments can restore units. That's one of their advantages. Democratic governments have advantages in trade and diplomacy.

You can combine under-strength units via the drag and drop method.

10th Jun 2005, 17:38
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