View Full Version : 32 Fixed Paintings!

10th Jun 2005, 00:44
You've probably noticed that with the original paintings the frame texture wobbled when the perspective changed.

I've fixed that and made a few more improvements.

The Karras and Truart protraits have different textures. The original looks pretty bad when mapped in the 'non-distorting' way.

Download the hilariously small zip file:

I think I've done every painting. Let me know if I've missed any :)

18th Jun 2005, 16:43
I think, that is great... I'll download them and I will use them in my new mission Four Weapons!!! :thumbsup:

Are you able to do some new pictures of noblemen from thief? That will be great... I want to use it in my new mission...

18th Jun 2005, 17:25
Are you able to do some new pictures of noblemen from thief?No. It's easy to replace one painting with a screenshot of a nobleman, but it wouldn't look like a proper painting.

John D.
18th Jun 2005, 20:49
I havent gotten the fixed paintings yet, but I did grab your improved light textures last week. At first I thought making a small adjustment like that was silly, but when I see them in-game they really do look much better. :D

29th Jun 2005, 18:56
Somehow I got the image for paint6.bin the wrong way round, so the "let thine arrow fly into mine crystal eye" puzzle would be a bit harder ;)

You can get the updated version by downloading the .zip again:
No changes have been made to the other paintings, so you can just extract them all.

Thanks be to DarkDragon (from TTLG) for pointing it out!